W.O.D. 4.19.14

10AM Egg Hunters!

A.M.E.P in 20mins (As Many EGGS as Possible)

Your Team has 20 minutes to find eggs and complete indicated tasks.

One egg must be found and completed before moving on to find the next.
Team must complete reps x # of people on the team.
Reps do not have to be distributed evenly.

All athletes may work at the same time.
1. 25 Air Squats
2. 20 Wall Balls
3. 15 Burpees
4. 20 walking Lunges
5. Run around Perimeter (all team members)
6. 10 Broad Jumps
7. Plank for 1 Minute in front of a coach
8. 20 Push ups
9. 20 Slam Balls
10. 30 Situps
11. 25 Lateral Jumps over hurdles
12. 1 Partner Carry Between Cones
13. 40 Double Unders/80 Single Unders
14. 15 Mountain Climbers (each foot)
15. 25 Jumping Jacks

Team with the MOST EGGS, WINS (a special prize)!!! 

Community Notes:
This is a FREE class for all members, friends and family.  All ages welcome.


Unknown said...

The reason we make mistakes is to learn from them. I get that. But now I realize to learn from other peoples mistakes is waaaay easier! This is also mean that I must be aware not to do that. Also humble enough to know that I'm no different and it absolutely can become my mistake.

Stephanie Vincent said...

Egg hunt winners!

9am-Megs & Giuls
10am- Bohen Family

Lots of smiles, lots of work, lots of fun this morning. Happy Easter everyone!

Jason Lyons said...

Have a happy Easter everyone!

Aimee Lyons said...

Big thank you to Coach Steph for her creative genius behind this fun day and also to Coach Paul and Kate for their help!