W.O.D. 4.14.14


 What is that?

 Audrrey--hits a PR!
Mobility with McCann!

Take 15 Minutes to get to a 
2 RM Push Jerk


EMOM for 15 complete 4 Hang power cleans and 4 Burpees
in the last minute complete Max reps of Hang Power cleans only.  

Use a weight that is about 75% of a 1 RM

Scores should be recorded as total weight for the Push Jerk, weight used for the Hang Power cleans and max reps completed (i.e 155, 125, 10 reps)

Community Notes:
We will be adding another Mobility class on a weekly basis. In addition to Monday/Friday at 5:30PM, we will now offer Tuesdays at 6:30PM. Click here to sign up for next week.

You Are Confined Only By the Walls You Build Yourself. 


Unknown said...

Don't think in yourself... Believe in yourself.

Mike T. said...

Mark R. 115/95/8
Jason L. 225/135/17
Luke 185/95/20

Great work today 6am. Way to push until the end on that nasty emom.

Good luck to Luke on your move to State College. You will be missed. Stay with Crossfit up there. Your strength and dedication are amazing.

Unknown said...

The CMC is coming up on May 17th. Sometime between now and May 10th I think that those competing in the event should meet at KoP and do a trial PIT workout. Also it is NOT too late to register!

Aimee Lyons said...

Nick 155/95/21
Barb 105/65/20
Diane 175/83/16
Chris T 83/53/20
Kara 83/55/16
Chris D 165/115/7
Manisha 68/55/13
Lizzie 85/55/20
Sarah 75/45/15
Ana 130(pr) /95/7
Darcy 80/45/12

Great class. Welcome to Sarah and Ana--thanks for dropping in and Ana--kudos on the PR.

Remember to drive from the heels!!!

Aimee Lyons said...

7 AM--for Miranda
Sarah S 65/45 15
Alona 105/85/15
Oleg 165/135/12
King 195/135/11

Paul S said...

PETE, you had a 7am crew!

Jason Lyons said...

I really enjoyed this one. I am still kinda sore.

Unknown said...

5:30 mobility

John M
Justin R
Patrick P!?

I can definitely see measurable improvements in everyones ROM, in most cases almost immediately! John McHugh is a PRIME example of what consistency over the course of time can do for an athlete. He has one of the best air squats in the gym! Excellent work tonight everyone!!

Aimee Lyons said...

Audrey 88 PR 63/6
Sharon 93/83/6

Good dedication to form! Audrey nice PR today, great body awareness and mechanics. Sharon much improved rack position and dip/drive.

Keith B said...


Giuls 115 95 12
Shawna 75 55 17
Josh 145 95 15
Jason I 155 125 10
Derreck 225 165 5


John Mc 135 95 12
Tim H 155 115 12 (12 rounds)
Conn 185 115 13

Giuls - Awesome work setting the pace for the rest of the class
Shawna - keeping your elbow in front of the bar on the return should help with the stress you feel in your shoulder
Josh - nice work recognizing that you were hyperextending and then fixing it to keep a tight core
Jason - keep the elbows in front in the dip/drive
Derreck - nice work sticking with the 165 throughout the EMOM
John Mc - cleans looked good throughout. kept the bar close and caught with the elbows high every time. Also managed to sing along to the music while doing burpees
Tim H - the hook grip works!!!
Conn - reset and concentrate when the weight gets heavy in the 2RM Jerk. You had 205 it's just a matter of concentrating on form and getting that big drive to start the bar upward.

Jason Lyons said...

WW: 165-135-13
Shawn: 195-135-12
Travis: 185-145-2
Ryan: 295-205-11
Kate F: 83-55-3
Regi: 108-75-11
Steph Vincent:.135-35db-14
Justin R: 185-155-7
Anne: 65-45-8
Arienne: 75-55-5
Keith: 245-135-18
Taryn: 120pr-70-9

WW: focus on the quick change of direction
Shawn: land THEN stand
Travis: loved the burpee intensity...no gaming
Ryan: best jerks I have seen you do
Kate F: great job protecting your back
Regi: getting stronger every second
Steph: way to fight for the intensity
Justin R: great weight to man handle
Anne: remember butt back when you land
Arienne: great lifts, keep the hips back and go lower in the catch
Keith: flash Gordon or you, I can't tell
Taryn: keep the chest up in dip. Don't rush down

Aimee Lyons said...

Aimee 155/115/12
Used men's bar...grip sucked!