14.5 Recap

Although no one from the gym qualified for the next level, 2014 ended up being the most fun and rewarding Open season for nearly everyone involved.  Members were continually pushing themselves to new limits and they were discovering that the impossible is indeed possible.  What was perhaps the most exciting aspect of this Open was the newly introduced Intra-team competition.  Not only did members perform to boost their own positioning but several members were going above and beyond for the benefit of their team.  It was truly inspiring to watch.  Before a champion was crowned, we all had to endure 14.5.  Everyone on planet Earth knew that thrusters and burpees were the medicine of choice but what no one knew was how it was going to be dished out.  HQ threw a curve at everyone by making 14.5 task oriented...in this workout the clock could not save you.  You either finished or quit and for many, pure grit and determination was the deciding factor.  In 14.5, Teams Red and Green had the best score and the top individual performers were Aimee and P.  Green finally put up a good showing but it was too late...maybe this is a preview of what you can expect from that team all year long.  In the end, Team Red eeked out the win to be crowned Fittest Team in King of Prussia.  As the Intra-team competition seemed to be such a hit, we have some good news.  In an effort to continually build camaraderie and create an atmosphere that is built to breed success, we will be continuing the team competition through Festivus.  We will reserve time throughout the year for team competitions and we encourage everyone to attend to support their team, have fun, get fit and contribute to the amazing community that you help build on a daily basis. 

CrossFit KoP would also like to congratulate Cate Kelly for finishing within the top 200 masters in the country!  This is an amazing accomplishment and we wish her luck in the next stage of her competition to qualify for Carson!  


During 14.5, I heard several people mention something that I thought was worth discussing.  The comment uttered, while sizzling on the ground, was, "That was some awesome programming!"  This comment made me think to myself...is it?  There are many ways to skin a cat.  If you dissect 14.5, you may think thrusters have hip flexion followed by aggressive hip extension followed by a pushing movement overhead.  Burpees too have hip flexion and extension with a pushing movement in another direction.  Some many argue the movements are working many of the same muscle groups...is this bad or good?  In my opinion, the answer is yes.  CrossFit is defined as constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity.  In 14.5, we all did exactly this and as such were wickedly successful.  I truly believe that people thought the programming was awesome but in reality, it was they themselves that were awesome.  For many, the high intensity aspect of CrossFit was realized for the first time and it left them laying in a puddle of sweat and tears.  Burpees and thrusters are not new.  Over the years, we have performed many workouts with both.  The world knew they were coming but the way people responded made this workout legendary.  Think to yourself if you did this workout in the middle of September would have gone as hard as you did during the Open...for many the answer is probably no.  This is what we should strive to change...a great deal of the power of programming comes from within each of us.  Is it the job of Aimee and I to avoid biasing and create programming that targets the weaknesses of many in the gym all while building a strong base.  That being said, many people ask myself or Aimee about programming and why we don't do strength work every single day in addition to the WOD...if you find yourself thinking this question, remember how you felt after 14.5 and ask yourself if you would have wanted to finish with a 5x5 max deadlift.  There are times when something like this may be appropriate but more often than not, INTENSITY is what will dictate your results, not VOLUME.  It is even possible to achieve the same level of exhaustion when working strength...we should all strive to feel how we did after 14.5 after EVERY workout..  If we do this consistently with everything we do, results are a fore-gone conclusion.  If you ever have any questions about this or would like to discuss more, we would love to chat with you. 

Results:Red Aimee 11:39 Tim P 18:07 Travis 22:24 Jen S 18:19 Ryan B 15:45 Shawna 38:31Steve Z 0 Jonathan 21:15 Balmer 0  SUM- 840 AVERAGE - 140 (Total = 657.5) 

Green Jason 20:24 KT 14:30 Pete W 14:43 Kwon 19:46 Wax 17:05 Mike S DNF Tracey 23:06 Gina 0 Jen Fugo 0 Sue K 0 SUM  840 AVERAGE - 140 (Total =587.59 )

Yellow Tobin 14:31 Alona 22:54 Flounder 29:58 Pam 14:39 McCan 15:47 Tre 14:55 Diane 23:34 Regi 0 Faby 18:20 SUM 1088 AVERAGE- 136 (Total = 616.9)

Black Keith 17:09 Dave N 23:26 Ditty 27:12 Jess C 15:10 Patrick 22:12 Olan 25:37 Laura 15:14 Miranda H 0 SUM 900 AVERAGE-  128.6 (Total = 640.2 )

Blue King 16:21 Justin R 26:59 John 27:26  Andrea 13:27 Chip 0 Plentus 13:36 Westwood 24:59 Rachel W 22:21 SUM 922 AVERAGE- 131.71  (Total = 642.1)

For all weeks, if a team member received a zero, their score was not held against you.  The scores you see above represent every missed workout being removed from the calculation.

For 14.5, the top scorer was awarded 168 points (#reps) and the second highest score was awarded 166 reps and so forth subtracting 2 each time until all athletes had a score. 


Melanie said...

Congratulations to everyone that competed! And yeah Cate!!!! Congratualtions and good luck!

Barb Z said...

Great write up! I've enjoyed following the open with the KOP athletes. Well done everyone!!!

Cate said...

thanks Mel! and Aimee and Jason!!!

Travis said...

Excellent summary. I loved the open this year and the added competion. It was great to see and hear all the PRs that were accomplished during the open, not to mention the comradery. Congratulations to everyone that competed and to my teammates on Red.

Unknown said...

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