W.O.D. 4.2.14

Some photos from 14.5!!!

For time:
500 Meter Row
3 Rounds of
20 Box Jumps (20"/24")
20 GHD Sit ups
20 Back Extensions
500 Meter Row

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” 
― Confucius


Jason Lyons said...

Todd: 14:05 (rx)
Tracy: 17:06 (rx)
King: 13:55 (rx)
Mike S: 19:43 (ab)
Peter: 12:38 (rx)

Todd: Good to see a return out of town customer. As always, great attention to form.
Tracy: Awesome having you in class again, you rocked the GHD.
King: Way to fight on the rower and finish stronger and stronger
Mike S: Loved that you threw in some GHD and went to Abmat to keep the INTENSITY high. Well done.
Peter: Ninja Gaiden dude, you flew threw this and I do not think you stopped once at any station.

Had a great discussion today that INTENSITY, NOT VOLUME is the quicker path to success. Everyone tried to treat today like 14.5 and it was great to watch. Well done everyone! Proud of all of you.

Paul S said...

Miranda 14:24 SC
Susan 14:00 SC
Kara 14:46 SC
Barb 16:06 SC
Diane 16:06 SC
Jonathan 15:30 40su
Nick Z. 13:14 40su
Fugo 13:48 SC
Jill 14:54 SC
Chris 14:47 SC

Chris P. said...

Giuls 15:04 Rx

Josh 13:33 sc
Tim Mc 13:28 Rx
Manisha 13:33 sc
Adrien 14:12 sc

nice work everyone! I was impressed with how you just kept swimming, I mean, moving

Stephanie Vincent said...

LP 12:53 MommaScale
Dianne 16:30 sc
Audrey 15:03 Sc

Unknown said...


Ryan A 14:40 abmat
Dave N 16:41 rX
Conn 12:28 abmat
Mr. Intensity! 15:40 RX!
Jeff 14:00 RX

Welcome Ryan A, his first class at KoP!


Steph C 15:36 abmat 1/2
Brian(Pitt) 13:13 RX
Fayth 14:20 abmat 1/2
Anne 15:04 17" box/abmat
Jared 15:31 1/3 abmat
Sarah 13:37 17" box
Joy 12:13 abmat
Jess Ssss 13:30 RX

7:30 class was double it's normal size tonight, way to get it in! Thank you Brian from Pittsburgh for dropping in! Welcome back Sarah S, it is nice to see you in class again!

Great work everyone on keeping the intensity up throughout this WOD, especially to those that did yest erdays workout. The biggest fault I saw was the timing on the GHD's. The only way to correct that is through doing... 1 more to add to the list...