W.O.D. 4.5.14

"The Steve's Club KoP Teamwork WOD"

Teams of two complete the following with one person working at a time.  Partners must complete the runs together. Workout will be scaled to level and ability.
400m Run
75 Goblet Squat (35/53#)
400m  Run
100 Burpees
400m  Run
125 Dumbbell Shoulder to Overhead (25/45#)
400m  Run
150 Double Unders
400m Run

Steve's Club King of Prussia is our local chapter of the Steve's Club National Program (http://www.stevesclub.org/) Through this program we are able to provide free CrossFit Classes and programs to local at risk and disadvantaged youth.  We use the money we raise to support these kids in their CrossFit training an other life pursuits.  We are asking for a few dollars of donation in order to keep our program strong.

Both classes will be FREE and open to friends, family and kids of all ages.  Your donation (of any amount) is greatly appreciated. We also offer scholarship spots if you would like to sponsor a kid for the year... Please contact crossfitkop@gmail.com

"I think that if you start teaching about giving back and helping other people young, that will be a given for your child their whole life."
-Eva LaRue



Stephanie Vincent said...

A big thank you to everyone who came out this morning to support Steve's Club King of Prussia! Great teamwork on a doozy of a WOD!

Flounder/Jason I 32:08
Sarah/Lisa 30:17
Megs/Giuls 25:42
Alona/Jen 33:35
Plentus/Ditty/LP 27:37

The Lyon's 26:22Rx
JZ/Keith 27:06
The Brennan's 24:11Rx
Steph I/Anne/Shawna 32:20

Aimee Lyons said...

Big thanks to coach Steph for putting this workout together. We raised $275 to help our Steve's club affiliate and couldn't be more proud of our community and members!!! Thank you to everyone who came out to donate today. That was a lot of running! Big kudos to Anne who completed the entire wod and preserved until the end. It was inspirational!!!!

Aimee Lyons said...

Typo above. Persevered ...auto correct is quicker then me.