50-40-30-20 and 10 rep rounds of:

Cash out:
1600 Meter Run for time

Community Notes:
Babysitting today at 9:30AM, sign up on MindBody.
Yoga at 11:30AM on Saturday, counts as a regular class.

"Victory is in having done your best. If you've done your best, you've won." 
-Bill Bowerman


Oleg said...
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Stephanie Vincent said...

Gina 9:29rx, 8:21
roni 7:41rx, 9:14 2k row
KT 6:39rx PR, 7:07 (3rd on leaderboard)
Brian H 12:33 attempts, 9:16
King 7:13rx, 7:15

Pete 5:50rx PR (2nd on leaderboard), 3:35 800m
Kim G 8:44SU, 8:12PR
Alex 11:35 Su/Du, 6:42
Chip 9:23Rx
Lauren 12:18rx PR (PR on #strung 24), 4:52 800m
Kathleen 8:47 momma scale, 4:32 800m
Mark C 10:20 1/2DU, 8:55PR (gps navigation:)

1600m times started and ended the barrier. Classes Ran two 800m

Paul S said...

Nick Z. 4:54 RX-6:17
Alison K. 5:34 RX
Jackie 7:31 SC-8:55Row
Diane 9:38 SC
Ronnie 11:10 SU-10:03
Kara 8:04 SU-10:38
Christ-8:36 SU-9:55
Rich 9:59 SU-10:08
Al V. 4ish RX-7:39
Dianne 12:20 RX
Jessi 8:34SU-3:56 800m
Barb 13:50 RX
Nicole 9:12 SU

Congrats to Nick Z. who tied Coach P on Annie, pretty epic finish. Strong effort by everyone!

Unknown said...

5:30 Mobility


Seshu"s front rack is coming along very nicely, Patrick you need work!

Paul S said...

Megs 5:14RX - 3:42 800m
Beav 8:49SU - 3:02 800m
Joy 8:11RX - 4:15 800m
Agam 10:20SU - 7:29
Mike C. 8:19SU - 7:25
Joe G. 9:21SU - 8:35

Bre 7:19SU
Dee 7:26RX PR!
Derreck 9:26RX
Jorge 9:55SU
Andre 8:55SU
Kyle B. 18:35SC
Tim H. 12:06SU
Stasie 12:56SU
Sue L. 8:23SU
Steph C. 5:21SU

1) Megs got knocked off the board earlier this morning and came back huge with a 30+sec PR to get that second place spot.

2) Joe G. with a huge PR on his mile time.

3) Kyle B. got stuck on his Sit-Ups and kept pushing through, finished strong.

4) 6:30 all did a 2K Row due to the scary men outside.

Stephanie Vincent said...

Dave 17:16dua, 7:03
Gavin 9:40 su, 7:47

Westwood 6:20, 9:31
Mike fab 12:10rx, 9:31

Chris P. said...

Nice job Nick!