Welcome to Alex---visiting from NY!
Nick's favorite WOD!

For time:
Run 1600 meters
150 Double-unders
50 Burpees
Run 800 meters
100 Double-unders
35 Burpees
Run 400 meters
50 Double-unders
20 Burpees

*Time cap on this WOD will be 30 minutes, scale as needed.  If you cannot complete the indicated work above you will stop at 30 similar to an "AMRAP".

Community Notes: 
We will be offering another structured strength class for all of you early risers.  7AM on Wednesday's starting this Wednesday, 11/6 at 7:00AM.  In this strength class the programming is done for you, Coach Steph will put you though the paces.

"Victory isn't defined by wins or losses. It is defined by effort. If you can truthfully say, 'I did the best I could, I gave everything I had,' then you're a winner."
-Wolfgang Schadler


emilyyannabella said...

GREAT JOB 6 am. Meg & Chris, you killed it. Awesome meeting everyone!

Megs 28:02
Chris 28:54
Kathleen 28:50 sc
Brean H 200 + 8 burpee
Klutch 400m
Rachel 400m
Roni DNF

Aimee Lyons said...

Chip 30 cap
Nick Z 26:47
Jonathan 30 cap
Alex (visitor NY) 28:14 Rx
Dianne 27:40 scaled
GiGi 30 cap
Kara 30 cap
Chris T. 30
Ronnie 30 cap

dirty 9:30 at it again...

Miranda said...


Nick cap
Mark C 29:16 SU
Oleg 29:57rx
King 28:16rx
Peter 26:50rx

Awesome job today guys! Oleg way to get sh*t done!

Oleg said...

oops...I did SUs (I wish I could do this many DUs and finish the same day!). Thanks! I had to get 20 burpees done in last 35 seconds or so - that was intense :-)

Unknown said...

5:30 Mobility

John McH

Tonight we covered the importance of static stretching and how to increase ROM without using bands and rollers. Also we briefly covered some buddy-stretches.
Lookin Mobile kids!

Aimee Lyons said...

Rob PH 30 cap
Justin R 30 cap
Joy N 30 cap
Mike Fab 30 min cap

Jen S. said...

Shawna - 30 min cap /finished 800m & 100 su
DeeDee - 30 min cap/ finished 800m & 35burpees
Derreck - 30 min cap/ finished 800m & 17 burpees
Luke - 30 min cap/ finished 800m
Jill - 26:55 scale SUx2

Jason Lyons said...

Regi: Last run (DUA)
Liza: Last run (scale)
Taylor: last run (DUA)
Anthony: Last run (scale)
Beav: 29:40 (singles)
Agam: Last run (scale)
Brian: Last run (DUA)
Anne B: Last row (scale)
Kyle: Last row (scale)
Joe C (Justin): Last run