...its day 2 of Benchmark week, are you ready?

For time complete:

Thruster (65/95#)

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:30AM...sign up on MindBody!

"Happiness in the present is only shattered by comparison with the past."
-Douglas Horton


Unknown said...


Aimee Lyons said...

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:30AM...sign up on MindBody!

Tim P said...

FRAN 6am

Todd 5:41 Rx
Kristin T 5:08 Rx (20sec.PR)
Peter W 5:01 Rx
Kyle 10:28 Rx
Rachel 9:12 ring rows
Gina 8:57 floss

Jason Lyons said...

I will be posted this every where for awhile. If you put the racks on the poles and the nuts do not go on with minimal effort, you are doing in incorrectly. You SHOULD be able to hand tighten them all the way. Then, you do NOT need to crank them like they are holding a bridge together. I have had to break 2 bolts the last two times I have been in the gym because of people putting them on incorrectly. Thanks.

Paul S said...

Jonathan 4:40 75/Band
Rich 9:37 65/Band
Chip 6:59 RX
FRAN 5:46 #20/RR
Christ 8:00 53/Band
Kara 55/Band
Lee 10:17 45/Band
Diane 6:27 65/Band
David 7:27 73/Band
Mark H. 8:02 63/Band
Sue 7:05 45/Band
Nicole 5:37 45/Band

Stephanie Vincent said...

2 fran virgins at the nooner say, "what's so hard, it doesn't look bad?" Famous last words.

Alona 7:39 Floss
Cris 5:18 Rx

Paul S said...

Steph C. 8:48 35/Band
MCC 4:07 RX
Waves 8:45 65/Band
Seshu 7:09 65/Band
Brett 7:13 RX
Jaime 7:52 65/Band
Linda 9:34 45/Band

Tim McC with a 1:47 PVC Fran. Boom.

Keith B said...


Laura 4:55 Rx
Erika dnf :(
Tim H 8:50 75 band
Derreck 8:05 Rx
Patrick 8:59 Rx
Joe P 6:34 75
Klutch 5:38 Rx
Oleg 7:37 Rx
Andre 8:18 65 rom
George 10:25 75 rom
Ryan S 8:20 Rx


Heather 8:23 Rx
Kate C 4:10 Rx 2min PR
Jeremy 9:20 75 band
Jill 6:32 45 band
Johnny 5:34 Rx
Matt B 10:04 Rx
Dave N 11:24 band
Greg 10:55 75

Day 2 of "Ladies Week" left everyone laying on the floor again. Nice work sprinting through burner!!!

Aimee Lyons said...

Keith: 3:23 Rx
PH: 4:41 (75# high jump)
Roman: 5:54 (75#)
John M: 8:24 (75# blue)
Regi: 4:28 (45# green)
DD: 7:42 (55#)
Joy: 7:53 (55# mf)
Taylor: 7:20 (35# band)
WW: 7:58 (squats)
JJ: 5:07 (75#)

Oleg said...

Keith, I hate you (even more than I hate Peter)...so much!!!
good job, man! proud of you!

Keith B said...

Thanks Oleg. The feeling of hate is mutual. Although, mine is mainly focused on your face