AMRAP in 8 Minutes:
At the top of each minute perform 4 burpees, use the remainder of the minute to complete Max Rep Power Cleans (95/135#)

Your score will be total power cleans completed.

Community Reminders:
Saturday, November 23rd we will be hosting our second Family WOD, Adults and kids are invited to workout together for a fun team event. Click here to sign up via MindBody.

Next Thursday, Thanksgiving, November 28th, we will run the Amazing Race at 8:00AM.  This will be our third annual amazing race. Friends and Family are welcome this is a FREE class.  There will be teams for this workout, teams will race through Bridgeport with clues at each stop and challenges to accomplish. Please sign up via MindBody. Coaches Aimee, Jason and Steph will be running this WOD. Click here to sign up via MindBody.

The Black Friday schedule on, November 29th will be slightly modified; we will be running the following classes ONLY:
9:30AM CrossFit
12:00 PM CrossFit (babysitting available)
1:00PM Structured Strength
2:00PM Bridgeport Barbell Club
3:30PM CrossFit

 "It's not necessarily the amount of time you spend at practice that counts; it's what you put into the practice." 
-Eric Lindros


Tim P said...

Ryan B 82 Rx
Kristin T 64 Rx
Justin R 51 Rx
Megs 55 Rx
Erika 46 (85#)
Mike S 42 (85#)

Megs said...

I love Eric Lindros....

Megs said...

Dinger 49 95#
Lauren 44 Rx
Alex L 35 115#
Aimee 64 Rx
Mark 71 105#
Chip 64 Rx
Sue 42 65#
Lauren 50 53#
Roni 40 70#
Jill 51 65#

Keith B said...


Alison 67 Rx
Heather 57 Rx
Kate C 93 Rx
Tom 50 Rx
Ryan S 54 115
Roman 65 115
Taylor 52 55


Ditty 58 65
Stephanie 68 55
Diane 50 Rx
Jill 75 65
Mike C 50 115
Derreck 57 Rx
Joe P 56 105
Luke 56 115
Alona 45 85
Miranda 50 Rx
Jess S 45 55
Dave N 61 115

Nice work all around tonight! Everyone did a great job pushing through all the way to the end.

Paul S said...

Regi - did work :) Great improvements on the clean!!