W.O.D. 8.3.10

4 x 800M Run

-record time for each interval

Weightlifting Professor Attests to health benefits.

"The price of greatness is responsibility"
-Winston Churchill

Tim P. 2:58/2:52/2:48/2:39
Ashley 3:40/3:42/3:47
Sam D. 3:13/3:04/3:08/3:09
Jeff 3:47/4:00/4:11/4:11
Joe M. 3:30/3:24/3:26/3:24
Justin 3:10/3:21/3:32/3:37
JZ 3:08/3:18/3:38/3:41
Seth 3:00/2:56/3:00/3:04
Nikki 3:24/3:35/3:54/3:51
Rachael 4:04/4:17/4:40/4:44
Mike F. 4:08/4:15/4:24/4:24
Aimee (1000M Row)4:27/4:25/4:30/4:30
Olan 3:04/3:07/3:17/3:26
WW 3:45/4:03/4:09/4:35
Charlie 3:27/3:28/3:30/3:22
Todd 3:09/3:25/3:37/3:47
Gina 4:17/4:12/4:26/4:48
Mel 4:24/3:54/4:09/4:16
Dianne 5:04/5:44/6:12/6:07
Danny 3:25/3:16/3:22/3:22
Lisa 3:54/3:57/4:04/4:38
Steph (1000M Row) 4:18/4:20/4:26/4:21
Joe A. 3:16/3:48/4:08/4:17
Jay S. 3:56/4:16/4:47/5:39
Dana 3:54/4:02/4:18/4:28
Melinda 3:59/4:13/4:30/4:08
Jen S. 3:50/3:50/3:53/3:47
Liz 3:35/3:51/4:00/4:10


jen said...

Seriously Nike??!! Whatever!

Stephanie vincent said...

I like big butts and I can't deny! Love that :)

Anonymous said...

In high school they dedicated that song to me at one of our proms .....talk about trauma.

Kristen S. said...

@Jaime - high school kids can be so mean! They should see you now. In their faces! JZ should say something like..."I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave."

Miranda said...

lol~ Kristen that was great! Jaime- I have always had a badunkakadunk...i was wearing booty plus pampers as a baby! I love that they have that woman strutting her shaply booty! Big booty mommas in the house!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are all perfect....just the way you are.

stephanie vincent said...

awww anonymous...you so sweet. made me smile.

LADIES...please take anonymous' feedback to heart...YOU ARE PERFECT...just the way you are.

Unknown said...

Girls with big butts rule!

Christina (CC) said...

Sir Mix Alot. This should be on the box mix.

Jason Lyons said...

i like big butts and i cannot lie, you otha brothas cant deny...when a chick walks in with an little bitty waste and a round thing in your face you get sprung...lol. i wish i could remember other things as well as random 90's song lyrics.

Mike F said...

36-24-36? Ha ha, only if she's 5'3".

Laura Pappas said...

Got out of work late, so I did my repeats at Wilson Farm Park. 3:18/3:18/3:16/3:18 tried to do first and third pose but no one was there to confirm my form.

Chris P. said...

Laura, I would have liked you to ask a random person in the park to watch your POSE form. And then you watch their reaction.

Timmy, saved some up for the last repeat eh??

TP said...

@Christopher I actually told Laura to do that- but i dont think anyone there really cared. My sandbagging efforts were to help push along my fellow 930am'er, Sam D. --Congrats Sam D on passing the (OCS) Officer Candidate School fitness test of pushups/pullups/and 3mile run.

Peterson said...

I didn't get to do this workout at the box, so I had to use a treadmill. Did 2 miles using the interval option in 16:24.

Tim, I went for a run last Thursday doing the POSE method for the first mile (including three times up/down the art museum steps) and then finished up with another mile of just regular heel-toe running. As of yesterday, my calves were still freaking tight, and this running just made them worse.
Oh, and the boxjumpburbees from today's WOD also didn't help.

But man, after running for a while with the POSE method, the heel-toe method just feels heavy...

ba-donkey-donk said...

love the ad. HATE HATE HATE the typo. OMFG, Nike.

but yeah, ladies (and men)...you're all just perfect like you is.

Chris P. said...

Congrats Sam D.! I hope CrossFit helped in your journey to passing the OCS test. Tim G. has commented on it helping his performance...

Chris P. said...

Donkey, are you referring to the missing commas from the "thats"? At first I thought it might have been "ebmassador" but that's another accepted spelling for ambassador...just being a grammar nerd here

Peterson said...

They're also missing a bunch of punctuation, and there's a lot of run on sentences too.

donkey said...

@plentus: "embassador" is a comparatively rare usage, although it is acceptable, it's overly precious in this context at best, and most people will see it as a spelling error. advertising doesn't need to get cute with unusual spelling. and yes, the missing comma is also a huge blunder.

@peterson: run on sentences are a nike forte. i've stopped letting that annoy me.

Danny said...

Since checking the fitness blog is becoming a part of my daily web surfing...along with facebook & fantasy league football...I have decided to join the fun in hopes I will one day be accepted into the Cross Fit KOP wolf pack.