Mark your calendar and join CrossFit King of Prussia for our RE-GRAND Opening Celebration in collaboration with our biggest fundraiser of the year. All proceeds raised throughout the month of October, including this event will go to Mammograms in Action. We will celebrate a successful year at 200 DeKalb St. and the opening of our new showers and locker rooms! We will have food, games, drinks, kids workouts and a Lululemon Trunk Show.

We are lifting Barbells for Boobs!

Raising awareness, one mammogram at a time, through Mammograms in Action; a non-profit organization that provides funding for mammography, screening and diagnostic procedures in the prevention of breast cancer for qualified women.

When: Saturday, October 16th 10AM-3PM.

WOD: GRACE-30 Clean and Jerks for time. Prescribed weight is 95#/135# but is scalable to ability. Everyone can participate.

Sign up: At the box or email crossfitkop@gmail.com

Click here to download our flyer, read more about the event and share it with your friends and relatives.

Donations: Can be made throughout the month and on the day of the event. We will make a mass donation on behalf of CrossFit King of Prussia or if you choose- via www.mammogramsinaction.org and www.barbellsforboobs.org. It is very important if you donate online to use our Affiliate Name (CrossFit King of Prussia) as “the company” you are representing.


Anonymous said...

Hi all,
can someone recommend 2-3 hotel gym workouts?
Dont have much to use (some db and other cardio machines and prob a few other things).
Thanks guys!!

Jason Lyons said...

set the treadmill at the highest angle and do 5x400m sprint repeats. every time you touch the railing on the treadmill, perform 25 burpees.


Jeff said...

Aimee has a number of away WODs posted, there's a link on the blog. One that I've done is 10 pushups/10 situps/10 air squats/10 rounds for time. Have fun!

Chris P. said...

dumbbells can also act as kettlebells!

50 air squats
40 sit ups
30 push ups
20 db swings, 35#
10 burpees

2 rounds for time. 3-2-1-go!

donkey said...

@plentus...that's a good one, i'm going to have to remember it for later.

jaime...you can always do annie. take your jumprope everywhere you go, or do it like i did last time and do single unders x3 with your imaginary rope.

aimee's away from home WOD list is great.

also, for those of you with an iphone, get the tabata timer application. you can tabata pretty much anything and make it miserable.

donkey said...

@jaime...you can do turkish get ups with dumbells, and have the added bonus of looking like a beast to the other people in the hotel doing their little elliptical machines.

what was the WOD we did a few months ago, that had everyone in a heap on the floor? TGU + KB swings, right? you could do that with dumbells.

Aimee Lyons said...

@ jaime, tabata sprints on the tread mill, max height, max speed. Immediately following 21-15-9 DB Thrusters and Burpees...SPICY!

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys...initially jas, I started with the no holding treadmil then burpee for grasping rails...I literally slid of the treadmil, legs flailing holding on for dear life. Cracking up and then was asked if I am new to working out.
Hahahah. I wish the bleeding on my shins and knees were from lifting but hey...we compromise.

Jason Lyons said...


Jaime, that workout came from Blair Morrison. Games competitor the last two years. He was in Brussels or something and had limited equipment so he did that. He said it was one of the hardest things he has ever done and he almost puked. LOL. I am glad you are okay. It is a great workout. Aimee and I tried something similar when we were still at FAC.

Anonymous said...

I'm mortified. They think I'm some jackass that can't use a treadmill. I was soooo "that girl"

Shawn Tammaro said...

My guess is that Jason had a lot of input into this fundraiser. Not only does the name contain "Boobs" but it is also is his best workout "Grace". I'm on to you Jason.

Nikki said...

Jaime - I'm cracking up picturing this treadmill "incident." What did you say to the person who asked you if you were new to working out? Toooooo funny :)

On a separate note, I'm SOOO excited for barbells for boobs and the celebration of 1 year at 200 Dekalb! Get psyched everyone - it's gonna be a PARTY!!

Christine said...

Question about Barbells for Boobs: will the workout be at a set time, or do people just do it whenever they arrive?

Jason Lyons said...

@Jaime, you should have told them what you were trying to do to see if they fared any better. I would guess no.

@Shawn, lol, I wish I could take any credit for such a great event. It is the brain child of Zionna who will be in attendance for our event and Aimee's passion about the subject matter and desire to bring it back to our box.

@Christine, I do not know what Aimee has planned so I cannot help you out. I would imagine we would have heats with counters throughout the day but again, I do not know for sure.

Anonymous said...

I am still cracking up. Three people like raced over to "save" me. I told them that no, I am not new to working out. He told me I was working myself too hard. I told him this was nothing new and that I was used to bleeing shins and knees. To that, he just looked at me really odd and said "well good luck to you."
I can't stop laughing. U guys would have all pissed yourselves. I wondr if they have video feed in the gym camera. Ha. Go figure...crossfitter dies on treadmill. Priceless

Aimee Lyons said...

@Jaimie, I'm literally laughing out loud...glad you are okay but I would have liked to see the look on their face. Okay I just read it again, I'm still laughing. I'm convinced that "globo" gym equipment is VERY dangerous, thus my run in with the slam ball.

@Christine, I will run heats...more details to follow over the next two months, I wanted to get the initial info out early so everyone can mark their calendars. If you need a specific time, write it next to your name when you sign up at the box and we will make it work for you.

@Shawn-Boobs, Grace, Beer and CrossFit...you would think Jason was the brainchild, right?!

Anonymous said...

Jaime - Priceless!
So exactly how fast did you have the treadmill going? I am picturing you at 15 mph. And I might just piss myself I am laughing so hard.

Next time we'll tie you to the back of a car to see if you can keep up. Burpee penalties for getting blood on the road.

Dorothy said...

That last Anonymous was me. Can't type. Laughing too hard.

donkey said...

OMFG, now that i'm reading the story, i'm laughing even harder. Jaime, this was the best laugh i've had all week, girl.

@aimee...can you add a few of these WODs to the "WOD away from home list"? I refer to that constantly. please and thanks?

Aimee Lyons said...

I will Donkey.

Jason's will be called Death by Treadmill...

Ray said...

I do my hotel treadmill sprints holding 20# DBs. Failure is not an option....run fast or die!!!! Keeps it interesting.