Clean and Jerk Clinic with Coach P.

Coach Plentus will take participants through a 3 hour Clean and Jerk clinic involving three parts:

Part I- focus on correct set up and technique
Part II- use slow motion video recording and a computer to critique form and discuss corrections. Viewing yourself doing a lift will do wonders for improvement.
Part III -continue practice based on for corrections and learn assistance exercises to improve your lift.

Limited to 5 participants. All experience levels are welcome.
email Chris at Chris@crossfitkop.com to sign up today. If the session fills up we will offer another session in the near future.

Cost- $20

Date- Sunday August 29th 1pm-4pm


Laura Pappas said...

I think this will be great - I will unfortunately be at a baby shower during 1 to 4 on the 29th...pencil me in for the next one.

Chris P. said...

2 spots left. For future sessions I will offer it to people in the order they email me. I will certainly try to have enough sessions to cover everyone!

Tim P said...

6am Team: Breakfast Club

Dana, Melinda, Kristin T, Rahman-> 36:32

Jeff said...

Boy, Plentus looks really different in this picture...

Kristen S. said...

Chris, sign me up if there is still room. I am not sure if I know your email address.

Kristen S. said...

Yes, I am an idiot. Next time I will read the entire post before sending a response.