Intensity, no matter what age!

W.O.D. 8.26.10

A chipper...

Run 200M
20 Deadlifts 135#/200#
30 WallBalls 20#/14# to 10/9ft
40 KettleBell Swing 35#/55#
50 Hang Power Snatch 45#/75#
40 KettleBell Swing 35#/55#
30 WallBalls 20#/14# to 10/9ft
20 Deadlifts 135#/200#
Run 200M

Community Reminder:
There will be a kids class at 1:30pm today, barbell strength at 5:00pm and Nikki's special Kipping Pull-up/Handstand class at 6:00pm.

“Success is not only for the elite. Success is there for those who want it, plan for it, and take action to achieve it.”
- Jim Brown

Grans: 16:45
Seth: 34:39
Jen S: 22:04
Sam B: 25:49
Aimee 20:36
Melinda: 23:39 (93/14/26/35)
Ellie: 18:56 (125/12/26/33)
Peterson: DNF (185/20/35/45)
Lindsey: 24:21 (75/10/18/15)
Kristin T: 19:56 (55/12/18/33&15)
Laura 22:43 (115 dead)
Donkey 19:54 (135dead/push-ups/45clean)


Anonymous said...


I used the PVC for my lunges yesterday in a attempt to keep my chest up and not be tempted to use my arms to get up. I used on my back...i saw you used the front rack...is that better?

Jason Lyons said...

If you keep your elbows up in a front rack, you have no choice but to engage your lower back. You can lose your lumbar in a back squat much easier because the cues are not as evident.

Anonymous said...

next lunge fest...pvc front rack it is!

Anonymous said...

Celebrating PR's can be dangerous. lol

Jim Curran said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jim Curran said...

my wife is on steroids

Christina (CC) said...

So sad I cannot make the kipping workshop :(

tara said...

I love john's kb swings! but i love the expression on his face even more!