W.O.D. 8.30.10

Good Morning

Work heavy singles to get to your 1RM Good Morning
(compare to 6.6.10)


Tabata Squats

Good Morning (as defined in WIKIPEDIA):
The movement of the Good Morning exercise resembles bowing to greet someone "good morning". It involves the hamstrings but is primarily used to strengthen the lower back.

The degree of knee bend used will change the focus. Keeping the legs nearly straight involves the hamstrings most.

The good-morning is an essential exercise in the Westside Barbell method and is often trained to near limit maximums. Developing strength in the lift aids in the recovery of a "bad" squat, reducing the risk of injury. Properly applied, it can also strengthen an individual's deadlift; for this reason, it is a key exercise in the conjugate method of training this lift.

In Olympic weightlifting, the good-morning is used as the most efficient assistance exercise to train the second phase of the clean or snatch pull and bases of squat positions in snatch drops and clean squat positions. In this variation, the lifter will descend, reverse direction, and accelerate the ascent, rising up onto the toes at the conclusion of the lift. This mimics the rapid hip extension and subsequent toe-rise during the clean and jerk or snatch.

Labor Day Weekend Schedule:
Friday - 9/3 -6:00AM, 12:00PM, 4:30PM, 5:30PM
*The Friday 6:30PM class will be canceled
Saturday - 9/4 - 9:00 AM ONLY
Sunday - 9/5 - 9:00 AM ONLY, no CFkids
Monday - 9/6 - Closed for Labor Day
Tuesday - 9/7 - Regular Schedule resumes

"The minute you start talking about what you're going to do if you lose, you have lost."
- George Shultz

Name/GM weight/Lowest Tabata Squat #
(B2B= holding in the bottom position of the tabata squat)

Rob 305# 12
Jerry 185# 16
Kara 93# 12
Chris T. 103# 13
Deb 115# 14
Kristen S. 105# 15
Teamari 115# 7
Kevin 215# 8 B2B
Dorothy 115# 11 B2B
Bevin 123# 14
Karen 123# 10
Han 115# form 10 B2B
Mike F. 185# 11 B2B
Sam D. 215# 12 B2B
John G. 225 18
Aimee 165# 15 B2B
Ben 85# 13
Christine 93# 10
Tim H 150# 11
Jeff 150# 12 B2B
Josh 195# 14 B2B
Steph V. 165# 5
Laura 105# 15 B2B
Miranda 153# 11 B2B
Joe A. 285# 6 B2B
Rob 195# 10 B2B
Sandy 85# 12
Chris C. 155# 12
Borden 155# 13
Jen N. 73# 8
Kathleen 93# 12
Fish 135# 12
Jen S. 135# 12 B2B
Jeff Hi. 175# 12
Kimberly 133# 13


Joe M said...

I couldn't make it to the box today, but I managed to fit in some Tabata squats (my first ever Tabata anything). Here's how it ended up:


Jen S. said...

Great Job Joe M! Way to keep up the good work outside of the box!