Happy Birthday JZ!

It's T & P adventure time!!!

W.O.D. 8.21.10

T & P are back from their own backpacking adventure in the woods and have some new tricks up their sleeves.

There will be surprise Adventure WODs at both the 9 AM and 10 AM classes today!

Athletes out in the Community:
Good luck to the Philly Metro Dashers this weekend!! Nikki, Steph, Jerry, Sam B, C.C., Jeff, Mike F., Gina, Deb, Maura, Jen S., Tracee Smith, James W, Cherie & Cindy!
John Warnek will also be representing as he competes at the Hybrid Summer Competition!

Good luck to all the athletes!

"Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore."
-Andre Gide


Jeff said...

Happy Birthday JZ! It's always great to see you at the box, you're one of the hardest working people I know. When are we going to see what you got with your gift card?

Anonymous said...

Good luck to all those competing this weekend!! And to JZ, my muscle man, have a very happy birthday baby. I love u!!! (and those guns!)

Kristen S. said...

JZ, best wishes for your 29th birthday!!! Girls like guys who have skills. JZ, it is always motivating to watch you workout at the box. You definitely have skills but you are so modest and genuine. It is always nice to see your smiling face at the box. Happy Birthday!

Good luck and, most importantly, have fun tomorrow at the Metro Dash.

I don't think I need to wish John any luck. Afterall, he is the King (and a beast)!

Patti said...

Have a great birthday JZ! Enjoy your day:))

Good luck to all the metro dashers!!! Have a great time!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday JZ. It's always inspiring to see you push yourself. You are also the only person I know who has had butt arm. That's pretty cool.

Good luck to everyone competing today.

Deb said...

Happy Birthday JZ. Hope you have a great day and year!!! You deserve it...always working hard, always friendly, always smiling!!!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday JZ!!!

Good Luck John!!

Let's go dashers!!

Kathleen said...

Happy birthday JZ! I look forward to hearing more about this gift card. Hope you have a great day treat yourself well!

Best of luck to all those competing today too! I doubt you'll need it though since you all work so hard all year round.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday JZ!!

Oh, and congrats to you and Jaime! ;)
Enjoy your day (both of you!)

Ellie said...

Happy Birthday JZ! I couldn't agree more with what everyone else has said- what more can I say? Keep it up and have a wonderful birthday!

Best of luck to everyone competing today!

Melanie said...

Have a great birthday JZ!!

Chris P. said...

9am and 10am CrossFit Gamers

Today was run a little bit differently than previous T&P Adventure WODs. Just like the final workout of the 2010 CF Games, the athletes here did not know what the workout was until 10 seconds before the WOD. Also like the Games, we had 3 mini-WODs and told them right before each mini-WOD what the workout was. Then, 3-2-1-GO! Every round and rep counts.

WOD 1:
AMRAP in 7 minutes
5 burpees
10 pull ups
15 kb swings (55/35)

WOD 2:
AMRAP in 7 minutes
10 wallballs (20#/14# to 10'/9')
100m run with bumper plate (45#/25#) (the run counted as 10 reps)

WOD 3:
AMRAP in 7 minutes
25 double unders (75 single unders)
10 sandbag cleans (50#/20#)

Jen C. 130/102/167 = 399
Hannah 75/90/102 = 267
Kathleen 92/80/74 = 246
Kristen S. 75/70/115(su) = 260
Jay E. 121/62/207(su) = 390
Laura 105/84/169 = 358
Liz 78/70/135 = 283
Sam D. 120/81/90 = 291

GREAT job everyone. Way to hang in there and have good spirits about the unknown and unknowable. Even when the first mini-WOD was done and we told you about the next one, you got right on it and got the work done, no questions asked. Very fun to watch!

Chris P. said...

good luck Metro Dashers, that's a great crew representing KoP!

Happy birthday JZ! Remember, today is all about you, and you ONLY. So everything that you do today should be about YOU.

Oh wait. Congrats JZ and Jaime!

Eileen Banis said...

Have a great day, JZ. It's always a pleasure to chat with you. Mom

Jerry said...

Happy Birthday JZ!!!

Tim P said...

Great work today adventure wodders... it was fun to change it up and see everyone fight thru very little rest and not complain about the surprises.

JZ- Congrats and Happy Bday

Good Luck Team KOP

Gina Fab said...

Happy Birthday JZ and Congrats to you and Jaime!! You guys are such a wonderful couple...we couldn't be happier for you!

Great Job to all of the dashers...the KOP team did a fabulous Job! Especially, Jerry as he helped many of us over the wall and to my husband who made fun of us as we came over!...or i guess just made fun of me!

jen said...

Awesome wod from the boys today! Thanks, i can't sit down to pee! Love it!

Gina Fab said...

I should have also said that Mike did a great job helping many of us down from the wall...and although he did make fun of me (and me only) I could not have finished without him! my lasy post seemed a bit mean when I re read it.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JZ...And congrats! Smooth move. You are a class act on all counts! SO happy for BOTH of you.

Thanks Jerry and James for the boost today!! :-)

Is anyone interested in doing the 5ton/5k...its sept 12 in columbia, MD- 2.5h drive. THe wod is a secret but it will be a combinations of movements equaling 5k of running and 5 tons of lifting/throwing exersizes. The link is below. I think i want to... :-)


Liz said...

Thanks for a great workout today, T&P. It was definitely hard but super fun!

Christina (CC) said...

I am a bit late to the blog (3 hour nap post Metro Dash) but HBD JZ, and congrats to you and the future Mrs. Z :)

Also, thanks to Jerry for the "ups" today over the wall for the majority of us ladies. Way to go!

Cindy Handler said...

Happy Birthday JZ and congrats to you and the future JZ! You are two of the best people I know and so wonderful together!!!

Many thanks to Nikki for organizing us, Jerry for tossing many of us and Jeff for not killing me during today's Dash!!!

Laura Pappas said...

Happy Birthday I know you had a great one. Congratulations too :) Keep up the awesome work on those guns!

Kristen S. said...

Thanks for the awesome workout this a.m. T&P. You guys did a great job as usual. Extra, extra thanks for putting up with my whining!! I thought the workout was great, just a tad frustrated with myself. I am still confused on the scores...I don't think my last score should be that high. Thanks again T&P. I look forward to more T&P adventures.

Cate said...

Omg, congratulations jz and Jaime!!! That's awesome news!!! What a great way to celebrate your birthday! Im so happy for both of you!

JZuck said...

Thanks so much everyone!