Joe A. and Tom in the background post WOD.

Mike B...

W.O.D. 8.17.10

135#/95# Snatch, 30 reps for time

DB Snatch
20 R/20 L
Don't forget about the dumbbells. Barbells are so much fun we often forget about the dumbbell. Dumbbells offer their own inherent challenges, a little less load of course but none the less a great exercise. Instability in more planes than a barbell, for example, as well as the ability to work only one side. This is also a real plus if an athlete has an injured shoulder or arm. Besides, single dumbbell work is just plain fun. The dumbbell snatch is no exception.

(compare to 11.25.09)

Community Notes:
The parking lot is now barricaded for our use only. This was done to increase safety and eliminate the "drive through" from non-crossfitters. What else does this mean for you? DO NOT park in the last two spots in the first or second row. Please leave these open for KoPers to drive through to the next aisle of spots. Thanks for your cooperation. If you have questions or concerns let Aimee or Jason know.

Remember this Video:
"One-arm Isabel" with John Warnek, the beast from CrossFit King of Prussia - video [wmv] [mov][YouTube]

‎"You can't get much done in life if you only work on the days when you feel good."
- Jerry West

Jason: 5:47
Nikki: 11:00
Mike B: 4:14
Tom: 4:33
Joe A: 4:41

Sam D: 8:27 (115#)
Jerry: 8:02 (115#)
Bevin: 6:44 (55#)
Holly: 6:19 (45#)
Kara: 5:21 (45#)
Aimee: 8:08 (85#)
Westwood: 4:56 (95#)
Deb: 5:15 (63#)
Jeff: 5:17 (85#)
Olan: 3:52 (105#)
Mike F: 4:48 (115#)
CC: 3:33 (55#)
Nicole St: 6:23 (22#)
Miranda: 8:03 (75#)
Jason B: 3:08 (95#)
Lisa C: 3:40 (35#)
Gary: 4:13 (95#)
Maura: 2:29 (35#)
Darlene: 4:25 (35#)
Kathleen: 3:56 (45#)
Fish: 5:38 (55#)
Jen S: 4:52 (75#)

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Unknown said...

Yay...thanks, Aim, for suggesting the last TWO spots be open. It was a close call last night, getting my truck through the one spot. :)