Happy Birthday Joe A.
W.O.D. 8.10.10

Split Jerk

Assistance Work:
Banded Box Squats

"Have confidence that if you have done a little thing well, you can do a bigger thing well too."
-David Storey

Kara: 78
Sam D: 195
Dave F: 115
Olan: 165
Jason: 225
Nikki: 145
JZ: 130
Danny: 235
Dianne: 65
Lisa C: 65
Joe M: 115
Plentus: 185
Kir: 75
Andi: 73
Miranda: 130
Christine: 65
Nicole S: 85
Aimee: 130
Gary: 165
Jay S: 130
Tom: 225
Charlie: 200
Jay E: 165
Kim G: 75
Kathleen: 85
Flounder: 85
Jeff: 145
Keith: 165
Seth: 165
Jaime: 85
Donkey: 110
Ellie: 95


JZuck said...

Happy Birthday Joe! Have a great day!

Miranda said...

Happy birthday, friend! Always a pleasure to work out with you!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Joe - hope you have a great one!

Sam B

Jeff said...

Happy Birthday Joe! Hope you have a great day!

Christina (CC) said...

Happy birthday Joe!

(Yay for Split Jerks!)

Laura Pappas said...

Happy Birthday Joe, hope you have a great day!

Chris P. said...

it's great to see you continue to push yourself in class, even if it means capping yourself. It's also fun to watch you box jump, wallball, and broad jump (5 jumps for the length of the gym??) Happy birthday!

Nikki said...

Happy birthday Joe!

Christina (CC) said...

Shameless Plug: Please vote for my company Paper Rock Scissors for the Hot List Philly!


Miranda said...

Kind of off the topic of XFIT, But the shelter I volunteer with is in desperate need of peanut butter. If anyone would like to donate, I will be at the box tonight, Thursday and Friday night. I'm heading to the shelter on Wed, and then I will be there the majority of the weekend. Thanks so much guys for always supporting me and the pups:) They truly appreciate it!!!!!

Joe A said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone I appreciate it.

I look forward to having another year of pushing limits and getting stronger and fitter with you guys.

Eileen Banis said...

Hey, Joe Happy B-Day, Mom

Tom S said...

Happyt birthday Joe! Hope to see you soon.

Patti said...

Happy belated birthday Joe!!!