Kim G. focus in learning the Clean and Jerk!

W.O.D. 8.31.10

Liquid Cocaine
5 Rounds for time of:
5 Clean and Jerks (105#/155#)
10 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

"An avalanche begins with a snowflake."
- Joseph D. Compton

Shawn: 18:01
Jason: 14:09
Nikki: 9:37
Kevin: 11:24
Plentus: 11:35
Aimee: 17:00
Sam D: 16:20
Joe A.: 16:02
Jen S.:17:32

Kate: 16:40 (35/Bk)
Charlie: 12:10 (155/PU)
Katie: 12:14 (53/Bk)
Denise: 16:40 (35/G)
Liz: 16:50 (75/B C2B)
Gina: 11:42 (50/G)
Mel: 14:41 (83/MF)
Tom S: 11:24 (155/PU)
Tim G: 13:45 (115/C2B)
Jen N: 13:15 (35/Bk)
Joe M: 15:16 (95/MF)
Jeff H: 13:35 (115/C2B)
Miranda: 13:53 (105/MF C2B)
Donkey: 10:53 (95/MF) 5PU each Rd
Lisa C: 11:05 (45/2Blue)
Kristen S: 11:39 (63/MF)
Kara: 16:05 (55/?)
Chris T: 20:51 (75/?)
Rachael: 15:39 (53/Bk)
John G: 12:13 (135/PU)
Han: 16:27 (105/G)
Brian R: 12:40 (115/PU)
Dorothy: 11:52 (95/PU)
Steph: 18:35 (105/G)
Olan: 14:13 (125/C2B)
Mike F: 13:08 (155/PU)
JB: 8:50 (135/PU)
Kim G. 15:00 (63/Black)
Kimberly 10:52 (50/Green)
Jeff Hi: 15:45 (65/blue)
Jay E: 13:15 (155/Green)


jen n said...

Oh goody - this means I can put what I learned on Sunday to good use! Plenus, are you going to be around for this WOD?

Chris P. said...

Jen, aiming to be there for 4:30. Work is hectic so might be later.

donkey said...

buck cherry better be on the stereo today :)


Kristen said...

What does B2B stand for in yesterday's WOD?

donkey said...

Kristen...i'm betting on "butt to ball". but i'm not sure.

Aimee Lyons said...

@ Kristen- A twist on the classic. Instead of the Crossfit classic tabata squats (with the 10 second rest taken standing) B2B means bottom to bottom, so the resting in the hole (eseentially not rest) but just holding in the bottom of a squat.