CrossFit KoP Contest

Design, name and select the newest CFKoP WOD. Everyone has a certain love/hate relationship with numerous CrossFit exercises and/or benchmark WODs. Here's your chance to be the programmer for the day...get creative and make up your own WOD. Post to comments what your WOD would be....the CFKoP coaches will narrow down the field to 5 and then we will open up the voting for the entire gym. Submissions must be in by Tuesday September 7th. There are no bad suggestions, use your imagination and have some fun!


"You can't depend on your eyes if your imagination is out of focus."
-Mark Twain


Anonymous said...


Does this wod have to stay within the parameters of a crossfit wod?
Do we have to stay strict within the rep scale (21-15-9, 15-12-9) or can we go a little outside the box (23-17-11) Same goes for AMRAP times.

Can we basically go with whatever we want?


Aimee Lyons said...

Anonymous-you decide the rep scheme, time or task domain, etc.

Cate said...

Ooooh, i love to design workouts!! usually i can only get poor panos to do them. here's mine:

5 rounds
100 meter waiters walk (overhead both hands) 95/135
25 kb swings 35/55

Nikki said...

In following the legacy of the Wolverine, this is a brutally long WOD! It follows the "12 days of Christmas" format. (This means you start by completing exercise 1. Next you do exercises 2 and 1. Then exercises 3, 2, and 1. The last round you will complete exercises 12 down to 1.)

The 12 Days of CrossFit KOP

1 Handstand Pushup
2 Inverted Burpees
3 Deadlifts (155/225lb)
4 Knees to Elbows
5 Chest to Bar Pullups
6 Wall Ball (14/20lb)
7 Slam Ball (14/20lb)
8 KB Swing (35/55lb)
9 SDHP (75/115)
10 Push Press (75/115lb)
11 Hang Power Clean (75/115lb)
12 Overhead Squat (75/115lb)

Anonymous said...

I just had to read this before i went to bed last night! brain wouldn't shut up. Here is my submission! :-)

“Queen Bee”
Worker bees collecting the pollen and making the honey for their queen.

10 Ground to Waist #145/195 *
Unload #25/35 plates and carry them 200m (total #50/70)
10 Ground to Shoulder #95/125
Unload #15/25 plates and carry them 200m (total #30/50)
10 Ground to Overhead #65/75
Unload #10/15 plates and carry them 200m (total #20/30) and reload them.
10 Ground to Overhead #65/75
Carry #15/25 200m and then reload them. (total #30/50)
10 Ground to Shoulder #95/125
Carry #25/35 plates 200m and then reload them (total #50/70)
10 Grounds to Waist #145/195

* Bar should be loaded with lightest plates in the inside (Ladies Rx- 10-15-25, Men’s Rx- 15-25-35)

Plates can be carried any way that you can, as fast as you can.

Any lift is legal as long as it travels the distance indicated.

Scaling Options:

#33 bar with same weight plates= #133 GTW, #83 GTS, #53 GTO

#15 bar with same weight plates= #115 GTW, #55 GTS, #35 GTO

Carry only 1 plate out of the set instead of two.

sorry for the delete needed to revise!

Joe A said...

20 full power 100 meter windsprints

Advanced can wear a vest or run uphill.

Full recovery allowed between sprints but must be reasonable amount of time.

John said...

Lyons and tigers and bears, Oh My! (not just a little corny)

Lyons Loop run with 20 pound medball
1 rope climb
5 bear complexes at 185
lyons loop medball
2 rope climbs
4 bears
lyons loop medball
5 rope climbs
1 bear

Anonymous said...

4 rounds for time:
5 clean and jerks (155,105)
10 C2B pull ups
10 box jumps (24, 20)

Rob P.

Mike F said...

"So You Think You Can Clean"

21 Squat Cleans/21 Wall Balls
15 Power Cleans/15 Box Jumps
9 Hang Power Cleans/9 Sandbag Burpies

Weight (115/75)
Wall Balls (20/14) (10/8)
Box Jumps (25/21)

stephanie vincent said...

Apparently my WOD is a bit like algebra...it makes sence in my brain :-) Maybe this will help, maybe not...but id figure id give it one more try!

Load the bar with three plates on each end (ladies RX 10,15,25, men’s RX 15,25,35), lightest plates should be on the inside; heaviest on the outside.

10 Ground to Waist (Bar with 3 sets of plates- 145/195)
Strip first set of plates (25/35), carry them 200m
10 Ground to Shoulder (Bar with 2 sets of plates- 95/125)
Strip next set of plates (15/25), carry them 200m
10 Ground to Overhead (Bar with 1 set of plates- 65/75)
Stip last set of plates (10/15), carry them 200m & return them to the bar
10 Ground to Overhead (Bar with 1 set of plates- 65-75)
Carry next set of plates (15/25) 200m and return them to the bar
10 Ground to Shoulder (Bar with 2 sets of plates- 95/125)
Carry next set of plates (25/35) 200m and return them to the bar
10 Ground to Waist (Bar with 3 sets of plates- 145/195)

Tim P said...

ok, coming from me you asked for it....
the KOP House WOD

I like all 3 as house WODS so I can't decide.

The TP-Challenge
100 situps
75 situps
50 situps


Knees to Elbows
Ring PushUps
+400m after each round! (Ohhhhh)


5 rounds of:
Run 400M
20 Double Unders
20 Knees-to-Elbows
20 Overhead Walking Lunges (M 45#/W 35#)

Joe A said...

I'm changing my workout to only be 12 wind sprints full speed.

Chris P. said...

folks, to give you an idea of what kinds of exercises there are, here is part of the mainsite with videos of movements, WODs, and other media CF puts out. It's the place I used to spend hours watching and learning when I CF'd on my own and it's a valuable resource whether you're going to program a WOD or not.


Chris P. said...

20k run

just kidding. kind of?

AMRAP in 15 minutes:
225/155 deadlift, 10 reps
200m run


AMRAP in 7 minutes:
10 push press, 95/65
10 pull ups

rest 1 minute

AMRAP in 7 minutes:
10 thrusters, 95/65
10 knees to elbows

rest 1 minute

AMRAP in 7 minutes:
10 power cleans, 95/65
10 box jumps, 25"/21"

Anonymous said...

"Summer of '69"

23 Power Snatch (#95/65)
23 Burpees
23 Box Jumps
3 Rope Climbs

3 Rds for Time



4 Rounds for time

400 m Run
15 Thrusters (#95/65)




Anonymous said...

Armed Forces on Parade

4 Rounds:

Round 1 [Army]
As many consecutive reps as possible in 2 minutes [AMCRAP] each of
Push Ups
Sit Ups

Then - 1k row

Round 2 [Marines]
AMCRAP 2 min ea
Dead Hang Pull Ups
Abdominal Exercise

Then - 1.5k row

Round 3 [Navy]
AMCRAP 2 min ea
Push Ups
Sit Ups

Then - 750m row

Round 4 [Air Force]
AMCRAP 1 min ea
Push Ups
Sit ups

Then - 750m row

Loosely modeled after the Physical Fitness tests used by our Armed Forces [subbed 500m of rowing per mile of running, added a time limit to the Pull Ups].

Dorothy said...

AMRAP in 30 minutes
10 Ring Dips
10 Knees To Elbows
10 Situps

Melanie said...

"The Progression"
Hang Power Clean
Front Squat
Push Press

5 Rounds for time.
Round 1- 1 rep of each
Round 2- 2 reps of each
Round 3- 3 reps of each
and so on....

Must be able to do same weight for all exercises.

Joe A said...

One last change to my proposed wod its 12 full speed sprints for 100 yards not meters.

Nikki said...

So much of what I love about KOP is the camaraderie and teamwork, so here’s another idea for a new house WOD.

“Misery Loves Company”

C-Chest to Bar Pullups (35)
R-Ring dip (35)
O-Overhead walking lunge (35 @ 25/45)
S-Sandbag burpees (35)
S-Sandbag clean (35 @ 35/70)
F-Farmers walk (200m total, 35/55)
I-Inchworm pushups (35)
T-Tire sledgehammer hits (35)
K-Knees to elbows (35)
O-One-legged squats (pistols)
P-Partner carry (200m total)

Complete as a team of 2, one person working at a time (except for the farmer’s walk and partner carry)

Christina (CC) said...

"Cold Point Hill Special" - this WOD will be at my house, followed by a Stink and Drink/BBQ.

Google search it if you want to get a view of the heiny-hurter hill

AMRAP 25 minutes

1 CPH Sprint
25 Double Unders
16 Sit Ups
25 Push Ups
16 Squats/Pistols/Jumping Squats (pick your own "Special Sauce")

Seth Parsons said...

Fight Gone Blue Collar

Fight Gone Bad style, 5 rounds

1 minute of each exercise, clock does not stop as athletes switch exercises, for 5 rounds, 2 minute rest between rounds, weights on sleds/farmers walks can change each round, but must be completed during the rest period: Every rep earns you $1 (fake) to your salary...

A] Farmers Walk - (every lb. carried is $1, every 10m walked is $1)
B] Tire Flips - (every flip is $1)
C] Sled Pull - (every 10lb over your Body Weight is $1, Every 10 m is $1)
D] Tire Sledgehammer Hits- (2 hits = $1)
E] Sandbags over the bar (every 50lb is $1), use the lower pull-up bar, if needed, 13" box handicap is acceptable to put the sandbags over the bar, according to labor laws)


JZuck said...


As Many Reps as Possible in 5 Minutes of Body Weight Back Squat.

Then immediately after:

15 Minute Clock Starts

You must run 800m
then with remaining time
As Many Rounds as possible of:

5 Box Jumps (25/21)
5 Pull Ups

Score is Reps of Back Squats + Rounds.

Olan said...

"Bad Medicine"

Med Ball (14#/20#)

3 rounds for time
400 Meter run with medball
25 wallballs (9ft/10ft)
25 medball cleans
25 OHS with medball

Hold on to the ball throughout the whole WOD. Any rest taken with the ball on the ground is 5 burpees before picking it back up.

As an added torture the Bon Jovi song "Bad Medicine" will be playing on a loop until you finish.

Tom S said...

"the hummer" for the big guys

15 reps 275 squat
15 reps 275 deadlift
15 reps 185 clean
for time

load the bar with 45/25/45 plates
have two people ready so when the squats are done dump the bar and go right into deadlifts. then strip off the outside 45lb plates and go fro the cleans.

quick and painful. 3-2-1 go!

Todd said...

AMRAP forever:

AMRAP in 3 minutes of each exercise with 1 minute rest in between each:

KB swings 1.5 pood
double unders
box jumps
rope climbs

See you guys soon!

Cindy Handler said...

Hopefully I'm not too late to get my entry in!

"1000 (because 300 is not enough)"

Partner WOD for time:

--Each partner rows 1000m

--Then partners must complete a total of 1000 reps of the following exercises:
* Partner deadlift (weight on bar is double the bodyweight of the lightest partner)
* Partner clean & jerk (weight on the bar is bodyweight of the heaviest partner)
* Pull-ups
* Sit-ups
* Push-ups
* Box jumps (21"/24")
* Kettlebell Swings (35#/55#)

--Both partners finish with a 1000m run.

Ground rules:

Exercises may be done in any order except for the row and run.
Partners must commit to how many reps of the exercises they will do before the WOD starts. For example they could decide to do:
--200 partner deadlifts
--50 partner clean and jerks
--100 pull-ups
--250 sit-ups
--100 push-ups
--150 box jumps
--150 KB swings
TOTAL number of reps of ALL exercises =1000

Partners must work and rest simultaneously. This WOD is about communication!

Kevin said...

I think this is always a cool exercise (making a workout) so thanks for letting us post these!

I had my friends do my workout today to test it out, and I think we found a good programming time-wise for everything:


3 Rounds for Time:

Sandbag Run *

25 Sandbag Burpees **

15 Sandbag Squats ***

(Men 60# Bag / Women 35# Bag)

* Run is from the door of the gym up the bridge to the "23 JCT" sign (uphill) and back
** Each burpee ends with a jump over your sandbag
*** Squats can be done any way (front, back, shoulder) as long as you are holding your sandbag for all reps

I had my friends use 65#, 50#, and 35# bags and the weights were adequate. Times ranged from 15 - 25 mintes.

This was a lot of fun, thanks guys!

Chris P. said...

"Crash Diet"

For time:
800m run
10 bodyweight bench press
20 bodyweight clean and jerks
30 bodyweight front squats
40 bodyweight deadlifts
800m run

Chris P. said...
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Chris P. said...

"Gymnast's Revenge"

AMRAP in 12 minutes:
2 muscle ups
4 handstand push ups
6 L-sit pull ups

Chris P. said...

"King Kong of Prussia"

3 Rounds for Time:
1 deadlift, 385 lbs.
2 muscle ups
3 squat cleans, 185 lbs.
4 handstand push ups

Tori said...

"Let's Get Stoned"

5000#/3000# Ground to shoulder Atlas stones
Followed by
stones over bar and stone push-ups for time

(stone push-ups are push-ups with your hands on the Atlas Stone)


"It's only 55 reps"


275#/185# Deadlift
Sandbag Burpees
Wall Balls 20/14

Jay E

Chris P. said...

"The Gauntlet"

10 Squat cleans, 155/105
20 Burpees
30 Handstand Push Ups
40 Kb swings, 55/35
50 Pull ups
60 Box jumps 25/21
70 Push Press, 45
80 double unders
90 Sit ups
100 Air Squats