More Prowler footage from yesterday's WOD.

Emily and Shelsea.

Brian R.-- love the face!

Rob Ph.

Andi and Emily.

W.O.D. 7.29.10

Push Press
7 Heavy Singles


for time:

Push Presss (75/55)
Knees to Elbows

Check out:
Caleb on the CrossFit Kids Page

Parents' latest prescription for the kids: Fitness classes by Aubrey Whelan; note the mention of our CrossFit Kids program in the article.

Fundamentals of Running and POSE tonight @ 6:30PM.

"No man is a failure who is enjoying life."
-William Feather


Laura 95# 8:43 Rx
John W. 225# 3:53 Rx
Jen S. 115# 7:32 Rx
Rob 195# 6:19 Rx
Jaime 85# 17:12
Steph V. 105# 17:19
Donkey 85# 7:45
Kristen 80# 9:25
Dave 135# 9:37
Charlie 135# 9:15


Peterson said...

So I haven't committed to the POSE thing because I'm not sure if I can make it. Do I need to be signed up to partake (assuming I get out of work at a normal time...)?

Aimee Lyons said...

Peterson-You can just show up :)

Peterson said...

Sweet! Hopefully I'll be able to make it!

Jason Lyons said...

just a comment on the wod. for a push press, the loads are lighter than normal. the reason for this is so you can blow through them. do not use the weight just to get an rx if this wod will take you 10+ minutes. try to pick a weight where you can get like 20 and then 10 the first round and then like 15 and 5 and then like 10. go for speed and intensity in this one. get er done.

Anonymous said...

Jason....I think I got 13 mins (maybe more can't remember) something but finnnalllly was able to use the Rx weight which, for me, was a big deal....so i'm gonna just have my little small but mighty moment and smile :)

Laura Pappas said...

Awesome work Jaime! Besides the KTEs that were slower since it was so humid and it was tough to stay on the bar. Nice work this am ladies :)

Stephanie Vincent said...

omg...i couldn't believe how wet the bar was this for the KTE this morning. jamie i think we both got 12 and some change. YAY for the RX girl!! I used the blue band to scale the KTE this am and it worked well. I put both feet in the band and swing my knees up on the outside. I really believe this scale is worth it for someone like me because:

1. it gives me full range of motion (well almost) when normally after a couple it starts looking like knees to belly button.

2. holding my body weight on the bar without any assistance is still really difficult for me.

3. it was difficult but didn't feel like i was barely doing the exersize (like i have felt before on KTE)

Maybe something to play around with if ypu know where close to a RX KTE.

Jason Lyons said...

great effort jaime and i am proud of you. i just wanted to point out that the weight was chosen so people could always do multiple reps in a row. if someone was only getting like 3, it was too much weight. you did great!

Anonymous said...

Lol. i was way off on the time jaime!

Anonymous said...

No I hear ya Jason. Toward the end I def was only getting 3 at a time. Anddddd wayyyyy off on time.
Hahaa. Oops. 13 min, 17 min. It's all the same. Hehe :)

Christina (CC) said...

Seriously - 3:53 John W? Holy crap.

Chris P. said...

John Warnek is our Dave Lipson.

Nikki said...

Warnek you are sick sick sick! I did this WOD, but subbed air squats for KTE (because my abs STILL hurt from GHDs on Tuesday!)Air squats are WAY faster than KTE, and I still got 5:09 on this little metcon... Wish I coulda seen you in action!

Chris P. said...

Nikki, I feel you on those GHDs. oof.

Jen S. said...

mmm...GHD + KTE....abs are spicy! :)