Double Donkey Kong

WallBall Mania

W.O.D. 7.13.10

Run 400M
100 Wall Balls (14/20#) to 8/10'target
Run 400M

Rope Climb

Weekend Schedule:
This weekend we will have a modified schedule due to the CrossFit Games in LA.
Saturday 8AM only
Sunday 12Noon only

Click here to view the 1st Annual CrossFit KoP King and Queen of Prussia competition. Courtesy of Steph Vincent Studios.

"To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly"
-Henri Bergson

Jay E: 12:45
Cindy: 13:59
Gina: 11:24
Miranda: 11:37
Kerry: 8:36
Tim P: 10:31
Liz: 13:46
Gary: 13:15
Sam D: 12:40
Lindsey: 15:40
Cate: 10:35
Aimee: 10:46
Han: 14:26
Jerry: 11:00
Olan: 14:10
Grans: 8:50
WW: 15:14
Charlie: 10:00
Tom: 12:17
Christine: 16:53

Damn Close
Seth: 9:34

Brian U: 12:53 (14# row)
Laura: :)
Lisa C: 13:30 (10#)
Roger: 11:06 (14#)
Hunter: 13:46 (14#)
Tori: 12:06 (10#)
Katie: 16:00 (8#)
Kelly: 11:10 (200m 10#)
Jeff: 12:28 (14#)
Rachael: 14:05 (12#)
Steph V: 11:23 (row 14#)


Patti said...

Great Video Steph! Great job everyone. Congrats Cate and John!! Can't wait to be a part of the 2011 competition:)

Miranda said...

Good luck at the games KOP!!!!!! Kick butt and most of all have fun!

Ellie said...

Best of luck to the KOP team this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Awesome video - such a fun event. I like the music selection for each of the work outs!

Sam B

Christina (CC) said...

Great video Steph! Also, good luck to the gang in LA this weekend - wish I could be there in person to see you DOMINATE!

Jason Lyons said...

I just wanted to remind everyone not to fall in the Rx trap. Rx means FULL RANGE OF MOTION, in addition to the recommended weight. In this WOD, that means that your squat was BELOW parallel EVERY rep and that your wall ball crossed OVER the line EVERY rep. If this did not happen, you were damn close but you did not Rx. I want to give props to Seth for erasing it next to his name. I am proud of you. When I teach class going forward, I will leave it up to you to put Rx next to your name. We can only establish an accurate data point if we hold ourself to a strict standard.

Gina Fab said...

oops! I know you and Aimee said that in the beginning of class...I was just thinking of my weight...I of course did not Rx!!! Still working on my squats!!! Sorry!!!

Todd said...

I hope I did not lead anyone in the wrong direction on the 'Jason' WOD last week. I by no means claim that I did 50 muscle ups. Hopefully soon I will be able to complete that feat, but not quite yet!

Best of luck to everyone at the games!

Christine said...

Mine definitely wasn't an Rx...though thanks to whomever recorded that! I used a 12# ball, and my form definitely wasn't consistent throughout. Father Jason, please absolve us of our sins. ;)

Chris P. said...

props to Sam D., Lindsey, and Cate at the 9:30 class for choosing to run in the pouring rain (instead of rowing). You deserve a star next to your name!

Jason Lyons said...

@ Christine....LOL

Not trying to be a punk, just trying to create a standard.

I know just as well as anyone how bad it sucks to throw that wall ball up and not have it count...ask Plentus as he made me do about 30 extra wall balls during Karen. lol.

Anonymous said...

Did grans and Jerry plan their outfits?? :)