W.O.D. 7.25.10
T & P Adventures (take 2)
"Prepare for the unknown and unknowable."


In clothes you don't mind getting dirty.

"Down by the river" behind frosty falls, between the boat house and alley. Parking anywhere on that side. The CrossFit crew will be hard to miss

10:00 AM

Community Reminder:

We are hosting a CrossFit Level 1 Certification this weekend, so the box will be closed.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world."
-Albert Einstein


Charlie said...


Todd said...

Thanks Jerry and Charlie for helping change my tire! The crossfit KOP family rocks!

Jerry said...

Todd - no problem... glad to help

T & P: Awesome job today down at the river.... Great group today as well. I am not sure who has more fun...me or Caleb!!

Melanie said...

Thanks again Chris and Tim for coaching this weekend! The adventure was a blast! Great job with keeping it creative and fun.

Kimmers said...

Tim and Chris, thanks a bunch! Today was great... Always love the unexpected. I have to say tho, I saw the kayak's on Tim's car, I was thinking Water worlds! Kinda glad we kept it on dry ground. Can't wait for the next D.B.T.R. WOD!

Chris P. said...

19 unsuspecting folks came out for a WOD under the bridge today and did a great job in teams for the metcon and as individuals on the Prowler. It went something like this:

Team metcon, 12 minutes AMRAP:
parallette burpees
air squats
(walking lunges if team had 4)

Top team had over 970 reps.

Then individuals had turns to push the prowler, men had 90# of plates on it and women had 50# of plates. (The prowler weighs 75#) They had 30 seconds to shuttle the Prowler about 20 yards each way.

Top distances were Danny and Tara (if I'm incorrect, let me know!)

Great job everyone, T&P had a lot of fun coaching you all this weekend. Look out for another set of adventures in September!

Kit said...

To: All KOP
From: The Zipf's
Subj: 2 Phillies Tickets for tomorrow

If anyone can go to the Phillies game tomorrow at 1:05, my father has 2 tickets for the first person who wants them and can pick them up.

They will be at the box at 6:00 AM tomorrow morning (thats 0600 for you military folk).

The tickets are behind the dugout and free parking is included.

I guess just respond to this post online if you're going to take them, or discuss amongst yourselves on who's gonna take them if more than one people wants them. Pick them up at the box.

Great to see you guys this weekend.


Anonymous said...

If no objections, I'd love to have the tickets, never been to a phillies game, I'll be there early yo get 'em


Nikki said...

Thanks for the WOD T&P! Great idea using that space under the bridge - the shade was very much appreciated! Looking forward to more T&P adventures in the future :)

Tim P said...

Glad everyone enjoyed the mixed workout of the day. We thank so many athletes for coming out.It'
ll be even more interesting in the future, but always still a great sweat.