Charlie up the rope.

Kim and Dianne setting up for the Ring Dips.

Jen and Brian U. race up the ropes.

W.O.D. 7.27.10
21 Weighted Muscle Snatch (95/65#)
21 Ring Dips
1 Rope Climb
15 Weighted Muscle Snatch (95/65#)
15 Ring Dips
1 Rope Climb
9 Weighted Muscle Snatch (95/65#)
9 Ring Dips
1 Rope Climb

The muscle snatch mimics the upper body movement during the third pull of the snatch. Perform a snatch without squatting to receive the bar: continue pulling the bar overhead, finishing in a standing position. The final movement does involve a push up on the bar. The lift is legitimate as long as the elbows never drop from their elevated position before pressing up.

Muscle Snatch
Womens Heat 3 of Event 2, Run/Kettlebell/Pull-up, at the 2010 CrossFit Games - video [wmv] [mov]

"I challenge you to make your life a masterpiece. I challenge you to join the ranks of those people who live what they teach, who walk their talk.
-Anthony Robbins


Aimee 18:50 20ft rope
Nikki 12:28 20ft rope
Kerry 18:36 20ft rope
Olan 18:06 15ft rope
Jerry 13:09 15ft rope

Cate 11:26 65#
Steph R. 13:40 65#
Kristen S. 16:39 45#
Dave F. 20:53 53#
Jim C. 19:00 95# (19ft rope)
JZ 15:58 65# (20ft rope)
Tom S. 19:30 75#
WW. 19:53 75#
Mike F. 19:53 85#
Brian U. 13:30 75#
Dianne 31:00 35#
Miranda 17:22 65#
Mel 19:31 33#
Jen S. 21:48 65#
Kim G. 28:03 45#
Rachael 17:29 35#
Melinda 19:22 32#
Vincent 12:44 75#
Tim G. 14:29 55#
Lori 16:02 50#
Charlie 22:18 95# (20ft rope)
Lindsey 12:23 25#
Peterson 15:19 53#
Kathleen 12:59 35#
Donkey 13:45 55#
Lisa 15:11 33#


Nikki said...

Hi CFKOP! Just wanted to send out a reminder and last plug for the MetroDash on August 21. So far Team CFKOP has 9 people signed up:

Vincent, Stephanie
Brewer, Samuel
Handler, Jeff
Turner, Gerald
Sieller, Nicole
Handler, Cindy
Carnevale, Christina
Buri, Maura
Runkel, Deb

There's still time to register if you're interested!


Stephanie v said...

Ps- if you are someone uncomfortable with running there will be a sub team that will be going at our own pace, right now I believe it's me, Cindy and cc. So if running is your fear (like it's mine) or your worried about keeping up, don't let that stop u, we'll overcome it together!

Unknown said...

Think I'm okay with the running it's the 8' wall that I'm afraid of.. lol.. is getting pushed over it acceptable?

Nikki said...

Maura that wall doesn't stand a chance against you! And if all else fails we have Jerry to push us over :)

PS - for anyone who still wants to register you have until August 13 or until the spots fill up. Our team is CrossFit KOP and password is aimeesfitnessblog

Jerry (Gerald) said...

I suppose if someone is needed to push the crossfit babes over the wall.... I'll take the job.. :0)

Seriously though...I am looking forward to this event.. should be a lot of fun!!!

Christina (CC) said...

I can't wait. I am trying to run more to get ready for this event. I am also worried about the 8' wall - hoping that it involves utlizing a rope to go over the wall, and not just jump and hope for the best.

Christina (CC) said...

Also, I will be taking the train down to the city for the MetroDash. I don't want to deal with parking that day.

So I am going to take the R6 (Norristown) line from the Miquon Station leaving at 7:05am. This is the same train that leaves Norristown station at 6:54am, Conshy at 6:59am, Spring Mill at 7:02am. It gets to Market East (a quick walk to the start ground) at 7:30am.

Anonymous said...

I'm game for the train...6:54 at norristown for me.

Miranda said...

Could you show me how to tape my hands tonight? i am going to need it for the rope climbs. I have tape


Chris P. said...

ah, sorry Miranda, I was in Philly all day and just got back. Aimee posted a great series of links on hand maintenance, and "Part 3" is essentially how I tape up.


Mike F said...

I just singed up.

Gina Fab said...

Steph, Cindy, & CC- If we can get a babysitter I am going to sign up and run with you ladies....will find out tomorrow!

Kristen S. said...

I still want to sign up and run with you guys... just not sure if I will be around that weekend. I am traveling a lot for work in Aug.