Little Liam.

Kerry and Kit.

Dianne, Patti, Megan, Joe A and Jim C.

W.O.D. 6.25.10
The Body-weight Triplet
3 rounds for time of:
75 Air Squat
50 Walking Lunges
25 Pull-ups

Skill Work:

It's time to play with the rocks!!!
15 reps, Ground to Shoulder Atlas Stones

The Rx by Jason Lyons

Community Reminder:
The Affiliate Team Games Prep Challenge is on Sunday at 11:30, we are at capacity for this event and super excited to host a great day of competition. Bring your A game CrossFitters!

Judith, our massage therapist will be on hand for appointments this Sunday!

"The high minded man must care more for the truth than for what people think."

Rx Results:
Todd 20:04
Aimee 16:04
Tim P. 13:32
Sam D. 22:13
Mike Fab 33:39
Joe A. 35:52
Jim C. 31:29
Seth 22:27
Kerry 17:42
Kit 20:35 + sled drag
Dorothy 21:13
Ben 16:00
Kevin 18:16
Brian R. 21:19
Jeff 20:33

Scale Results:
Ellie 24:03
Peteron 26:25
Kristin T. 27:40
Lindsey 25:26 (2 Rds)
SAZ 33:34
Tim H. 25:30 (1/2)
Patti 29:40
Diane 28:30 (1/2)
Megan 29:13
Rob 20:53
Holly 25:08 (2 Rds)
Kathleen 29:08
Steph V. 31:43
Mimi 10:09 (1/2)
Ditty 31:52
Roger 26:13
Vincent 23:51
Chris B. 29:30
Hannah 25:30 (1/2)
Cindy 37:08
Rob Ph. 20:03
Gina Fab 25:09
Sean 29:00
Westwood DNF
Jerry 19:54


Todd said...

Mel, I have a team name for us: the 'Muddy Schuylkill Wodders.' What do you think?

Melanie said...

That is really creative Todd, I like it!! I was trying to think of a team name too and was doing some searching around. These are some funny one's I saw- Slapnut Magoos, Balls-n-Dolls, Drunk Again and Looking to Score, and Ludacrous Speed. I like your idea too so let's choose once we have the full team together.
PS- I plan to bring a huge gatorage beverage cooler with water for us and a cooler with ice.

Dorothy said...

Jason, nice article about RX. I remember after the first workout that I thought I had RX'd, you quitely came up and told me that technically I was doing push jerk instead of push press. I thought you were a big meany. But now that it something I really appreciate about you. You keep me honest.

But also, sometimes in the middle of a WOD, I have no idea how many reps I've done. I can zone out like that. So I like the part in the article about how you should not cheat on purpose. If I cheat by accident, I can forgive myself. It's not my fault crossfit makes me dumb.

Nikki said...

Jason - great article on the Rx! I totally agree with your perspective, and thanks for taking the time to put it in writing. Rx is about doing the prescribed weights, but also doing the prescribed range-of-motion. Elizabeth calls for full squat cleans, so if a person does power cleans, it's not Rx. It's still a great workout (as are all "scaled" CrossFit workouts), but there's room for improvement. As a gym we should make a committment to truly honor the Rx. That way we push our athletes and ourselves to shoot for excellence, not just "close enough."

Jason Lyons said...


CF math is awful for ALL of us. There will come a time when everyone thinks, "I have no idea what number I am on." There are two options...guess and not know if you did every rep or go back to a number that you know you got and start counting. Swine is a perfect example of this. When he was doing his double unders, he did not know if he was at 80 or 70 so he went to 70 just to be sure. He may have actually been at 80 which would have given him a few more double unders on the board but he would have been second guessing it.

Also, it is one thing to do 9 instead of 10 or what have you if you HONESTLY think you did 10 but I begin to question this when I see people doing 15 instead of 30 in multiple rounds and saying they Rx'd, which is what prompted me to write this article.

Sometimes I want to through the clock away because we are not here just to get a lower number on the clock...we are hear to get healthier now matter how long that takes.

Jason Lyons said...

Through should obviously be throw and with Swine, I do not know if it was 80-70 but he went to a lower set of ten twice and I really respect that.

Jason Lyons said...

We will likely need help running the event on Sunday at 60!!!! people are showing up to compete. If you would like to help out, please let Aimee or myself know. Thanks everyone for making this community what it is...

Okay, I am really done posting now.

Miranda said...

That is why I ALWAYS ask for a counter...I am horrible at keeping track of my numbers and even with lower reps, i'll second guess my rounds...

A very good article Jason, I will attempt to rx as many WOD's as I can, the weights I usually have no probelm with, its the body weight exercises...AND any rope climbs! Evil rope.

I knwo this is late but they took away my access to the blog earlier, Happy bday Steve and Jim!!!!

Todd said...

Mel, I am cool with any of these names. There are plenty of WODder names you can make-Stone Cold WODders, Bloody WODders...Slapnut Magoos is good too!

CC said...

Jas, I can help out on Sunday in the morning if you need it, but I gotta go by 1pm or my mother (yes, really) will kill me if I'm later than that for the family reunion.

Also, is there a 9am/10am WOD on Sunday for those of us not competing? I probably missed the posting about it.

Melanie said...

Jason, great job on this article. In the beginning, I was simply just trying to "get through" a workout. Now, because I can push myself harder, I find myself being more honest (note: I didn't say 100% but I am getting there). I appreciate when the coaches are ultra critical of my form or bust chops for something I should be doing better because it will only benfit me in the long run to correct the bad habit. I do think Rx-ing a WOD is a badge of honor and I will continue to work hard to reach my goals of being able to do that. When I get there, I want to be able to say "hell yes!". And as much as "math is hard", I am at the point where I want to do my very best and do the WOD with the form that is intended even if it means extra reps because I suck at counting. This was a great reminder that CrossFit is supposed to be a deliberate attempt to optimize physical competence at all physical tasks, not just the one's we like and not by taking a short cut in getting there.

Todd said...

I agree. Great article. I have been guilty of it too-not usually count, but form.

Jeff said...

Excellent article Jason.

Unknown said...

Jason, I can help on Sunday. Without the kids!

Anonymous said...

We'll get my name right some day!

Peteron is close to Peterson....

Aimee Lyons said...

Peterson---I promise, I'll get it straight and you will have your own identity back!