Miranda and Jen.



Brian Quinlan CrossFit Explode

W.O.D. 6.8.10

Sumo Deadlift

Reverse Hyper
3 x 20 reps

"If you are ever going to achieve as much as you can in a sport, you are going to have to be willing to make a leap of faith to learn how much your body can handle."
-Meredith Rainey Valmon

Chris T. 145
Terri 235
Sam D. 305
Dave F. 315
Aim 225x3
Kerry 235
Jeff 245x2
JZ 295x2
Miranda 235
Melanie 200
Jay S. 305
Ditty 210
Tim G. 305
Jen S. 220
Seth 255
Todd 385
Ellie 225
Donkey 185 (form)
Liz 135 (form)
Holly 160
Mike B. 335x2
Maureen 165
Jay E. 435x2
Pukie 465
P. 440


Chris P. said...

Newest post on shoes: http://chrispconstantlyvaried.blogspot.com/

Miranda said...

I am planning on going for a run tonight before the 530 class if anyone would like to join me. I should be at the box by 5pm dressed and ready to go.

Miranda said...

Tim P ~ Do you think that you could hold another Pose workshop? I would like to learn the correct technique for running, cause I am suffering from significant knee pain recently, which is affecting my squats too. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

I have a few freinds wanting to give crossfit a try, but not sure they will go as far to call and schedule there own intro session. Will you be doing a class anytime in the near future that could be open to non-members?

TP said...

YES! I'd be happpy to set up a running workshop on proper form. I have had some others interested too. I will look at the calendar and we can go within the next week as well.

Melanie said...

Miranda- how far are you running?

Miranda said...

Mel ~ Not sure, maybe a mile, it won't be far cause I only have a 1/2 hour before class starts

Melanie said...

If I can get there, I will join you. I need to be a beter runner! I used to be able to run more comfortably and I seem to have lost that lovin feeling! So if you don't mind, I may tag along!

Joe A said...


Thought I'd share makes a good case

Cindy Handler said...

Steph, bring 'em to the Lite class. If they like it they can sign up for an Intro!

Miranda said...

I know this is kind of last minute, but would anyone like to form a team with me for my Mud Run on Saturday? I don't think I complete this alone and I don't want to back out.

Chris P. #2 said...

Jason, This is Chris P. #2 (from the fundamentals class). You said you had some "homework" for me since I couldn't get very good depth in my squat, but I forgot to ask you what exactly that entailed! It'd be great if you could let me know what I need to do to increase that depth! Thanks!

Aimee Lyons said...

Congrats to Seth for mastering the kipping pull-up!

Chris P. said...

Chris P., no worries about future conflicts, I just changed my sign-off. Just waiting for a third Chris P. to join...although, fun fact, there was a CP (female) at one point...

donkey said...

woooooohooooooo for Seth!

Seth P. said...

First I'd like to thank the coaches who are far more patient than I would've ever believed...and secondly thanks to donkey for her constant reverse-psychological inspiration during the W.O.D.'s

Jason Lyons said...

Chris P:

You need to do squats facing the wall. For you, I would start about 14 inches away.

1) feet at shoulder distance, toes pointed slightly outward
2) pull your butt back and then drop it down
3) trace your knees over your toes
4) practice getting below parallel
5) put your arms up in the arm in front of you and interlock your thumbs. make sure that your hands do not touch the wall when you squat down. this will force you to activate your lumbar

if you can easily do this, move your feet in and repeat. find the point where you really need to fight not to fall over and this is the spot where you want to do 25 more squats. Ideally you want your toes touching or almost touching the wall and you want to be able to do that comfortably. i do at least 50 a day to get better and I have been squatting for 2 years now.

Jason Lyons said...

forgot to tell you to keep your weight in your heels.

Chris P. #2 said...

Awesome. Thanks Jason!