Spring Cleaning...

We will begin our spring/summer cleaning at the gym. Not only will the box be getting a good scrub down today, but a few other things will be getting cleaned up and refreshed.

If you have not been to the box in 3 Months we will be removing your scores from the record board in order to make room for our new members. If you were on hiatus and plan on returning... we have no problem leaving your scores up, just please let us know!!

Please check the "Lost and Found" box for any lost belongings, the box is full! We will be donating everything that is not claimed by 6/18 to Goodwill.

Record Boards:

Check out our new 100 Double Under Club, if you can complete 100 consecutive double unders we will add your name to the prestigious list. Make sure to grab a counter before you embark on your attempt.

There will also be a Record Breaker Board, all gym records for benchmarks WODs and some Heavy Lifts will be listed. Only the top 3 males/females in the gym will be highlighted on this board...

Thank you for your continued cooperation and support of CrossFit KoP!
As always, any new ideas are welcome, post to comments or let Aimee and Jason know!

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