The King and Queen of Prussia

The t-shirts have been ordered, the athletes are trained, the crowns have arrived, and the trophy is ready to be inscribed. With that, it is time for the moment that all of you have been waiting for …the WOD announcement for the 1st Annual King & Queen of Prussia.

WOD 1: “Uprising”

For time, Lords will take 7,000 pounds from ground to overhead, anyhow, while the Ladies will take 4,000 pounds. The weight selections are as follows:

135# for 52 reps
115# for 61 reps
95# for 74 reps
65# for 108 reps

95# for 43 reps
75# for 54 reps
55# for 73 reps
35# for 115 reps

A rep will be counted only when full range of motion if met. Both ends of the barbell must touch the ground on every repetition and the barbell must be in control and completely locked out overhead, with elbow over shoulder. In addition, the feet must be no wider than your shoulders…if you decide to split, you must come to full standing position for the repetition to count. The bar does NOT need to go through a full squat.

WOD 2: “Storm the Castle”

3 Rounds for time of:
800m run
15 Deadlifts (225/155#)
15 Burpee box-jumps (17/13’)

There will be a judge standing at the 400m marker and you will pass around them and return to the box to complete your 800m repeats. Once inside the gym, Deadlifts will begin from the ground and will be brought to full extension with knees completely locked out and shoulders behind the bar. The bar must be controlled to the ground, with both sides of the barbell touching the ground, for the rep to count. No repetitions will be counted if dropped from the standing position. Once all 15 deadlifts are complete, the athlete will move on to burpee box jumps. A burpee box jump begins by controlling yourself to the ground, facing the box, so that your chest touches the deck. Once you jump your feet back into a crouched position, the next movement of your feet must be jumping on the box…you will not be permitted to take a step towards the box before jumping on top of it. A rep is only complete once your hips are fully open above the plane of the box. This can be accomplished by either standing to full extension on top of the box or coming to full extension while jumping off of the box.

WOD 3: “Ringing of the Bells”

For time:
Kettlebell swings (55/35#)
Sit-ups (anchored)

During the kettlebell swings, the bell must travel overhead so that your elbows are over your shoulders. Your body must form a perpendicular line with the ground at full extension assuring that the hips are fully open. After completing a set of kettlebell swings, anchored (dumbbells) sit-ups will be counted as a repetition when your complete shoulder blades AND fingers touch the ground behind your head followed by your fingers touching the top of the dumbbells that are anchoring your feet.

A full demonstration of the movements will be given prior to the tournament. You are encouraged to ask any questions that you may have and you are highly encouraged to show a few repetitions to your judge before beginning the workout so that you are both on the same page. Sign ups for the event have closed. Anyone not participating who would like to Judge or help with the event is welcome, please post to comments or make Jason or Aimee aware. Following the event will be a "stink and drink" and social gathering.

With that, thank you for participating in our inaugural competition, we hope you enjoy yourself.

-The Royal Family


Anonymous said...

I may have missed this, but may we scale, kind sir/madam,
if/when needed. I realize this would not "count" as far as ranking...
a common folk

Anonymous said...

Specifically refering to deadlift lbs.

donkey said...

i have no comment, other than to say Jaime's was freakin' hilarious.

well played, Madame Jaime, well played indeed.

also, i think all comments during the WOD should be made in shakespeare iambic pentameter format. who's with me?

that was not serious, btw.

court jester said...

ma-lady, scaling will be allowed for the common folk.

Anonymous said...

Picturing Jason saying that in a jester hat and tights.

Kim said...

All y'all are hilarious. I'm down with the iambic pentameter, as long as we also have to speak in old english. This looks like its going to be a fun day.

donkey said...

KJax: I believe, good lady, that you meant "Olde English", as the queen would dictate same. Only a wretch'd reprobate would call it "Old".