What is this a picture of you may ask?
It's a CrossFit WOD board during an open gym night. To the novice, it might look like a jumbled up mess of numbers and names...simply put, mass confusion. What do they do in that box? However, to me it shows amazing effort, perseverance and dedication unmatched by many.

Let's break it down.
1. I created Grace Kelly. A 400M run, 10 Clean and Jerks, 30 Box Jumps and 30 Wall balls...3 rounds for time...results-Aimee 22:19, Jen 23:13, Hannah 23:57

2. Jason decided to be the first at the gym to attempt "Eva" 5 rounds for time of 800 M run, 30 Pull ups and 30 Kettlebell swings w 70#. result 62:08.

3. Diane, a missed WOD from last week, was attempted by Scott (6:13), Mike M.(10:01) Nicole(6:15) and Laura (6:47).

4. Jim and Sam took on the baseline... Sam,with a gym record of 3:56, and Jim C. taking 4 minutes off his PR 6:13.

5. Mike F. finished the filthy 50 in 38:37, his first time and only 2 months into CrossFit! Awesome!

6. Jon, Sam and Jim all learned how to swing a KB...awesome.



Ray said...


Eva looks like one ugly bitch, brother. That is hard corps.

Ray said...

What is the baseline?

Aimee Lyons said...

500M Row
40 Squats
30 Sit ups
20 Push ups
10 Pull ups

Oh, and I forgot to mention the 100M row race between Sam and Mike M. Sam :17.9 Mike :17.7.

Mike said...

i'm pretty sure the race between sam and i should be the prime example of every second counts.

p.s. too bad we didnt get a picture of the erg machines jumping in the air