Say "Hello" to Kelly G. one of our newest members!!!
W.O.D. 4.27.09
-can you figure it out?

things it is NOT:

from the urban dictionary:
1. an interjection used by Pinky from the show "Pinky and the Brain"; a character from Sesame's Street's Monster's Clubhouse.

used in a sentence:
Pinky: NARF! ahha what am i doing here, brain? naaaarf

2. A substitute word, does not need to be for a curse word, can be used in any circumstance.

"Your current safe boundaries were once unknown frontiers"

Results: for 9-15-21 Pullups/Thrusters
Miranda 65/Blue -10:58
Scott 85 - 10:26
Mike M. 95- 13:56
Curin 65/Black -15:50
Lisa 65 - 13:30
Jeff H. 95 - 20:53
Mike F. 95 -16:31
Kelly 30/Black-13:39
Tim M. 115- 16:54
Hannah 65 - 11:01
Nicole 65/Blue-12:54
Joe 95 - 17:51
Sam 115 - 13:51
Jim C. 85/Green - 11:13
Jen S. 45/Green- 9:21
Jason 115 - 14:20
Cindy 55/black - 10:32
Laura 65 - 13:17
Doug 115 - 8:58
Chris 95/Blue - 15:32


Jeff said...

Oh kcuf! This should be great!

Jason Lyons said...

so it is all over and aimee is more of a beast then i thought before. i am amazed at what she has accomplished in such a short period of time and i know many of you share that sentiment with me. crossfitting less than one year and she managed to pull a top 15 finish in her first attempt on a larger scale of competition. i would be very afraid in the future if i were the competition.

so, here is how it went.

first workout that aimee had to do was:

21 ohs (65#)
21 box jumps (full heal on 20'' box)
15 ohs

aim did not put the bar down once and she got docked on 3 box jumps for not having full heal on the box. her time was 10:37 which tied her for 9th best in the competition. 39 girls ended up showing up to compete.
best male was 8:01
best female was 9:33

second workout for aim was the 2k row. aim is a newbie at rowing and really didn't know where to put the damper so she went with 4...that resulted in a time of 8:34 which was the 27th best time. not bad for one of the shortest girls in the competition!
best men's time was 6:31 for those curious
best female was 7:43

last workout was the heavy deads and double unders.

10 deads at 185#
50 double unders for 3 rounds

aimee thought that this would be her best but 3 workouts in one day is enough to kill a cyldesdale and aim got through the workout and she needed to pick up the bar 31 times because her last dead she dropped in confusion. her time for this workout was 8:08 which was the 20th best time in the competition. this workout seemed to be the one that separated the group. 8 of the 10 girls in the top ten after day one had a sub 6 workout for this. ouch. i guess we will be seeing more heavy deads in our future. men's rxd was 275 for those curious. the best men's time was sub 3. holy shit huh. best female time was 3:01

so, after day one, aim was in 16th place with a combined total of 27:19. the last workout was

full squat snatches (65#)
chest to bar pullups

aim finished this monster in 12:16 which was the 11th best time and she managed to bump herself two more spots to finish in 14th place. i am so very proud and so very much in love. my wife rules.

best ladies time was 9:07
best male time was 5:59 (an 18 year old who managed to win the whole thing and has no idea what half the workouts are. INSANE!)

so this weekend was inspirational and humbling and i am very glad that i went and i hope that more of us go next year. it puts a new perspective on what the human body is capable of when you see people leaving nothing on the floor and basically needing help to get up because they have nothing left. i hope i can get to that level and i am sure if we push each other, we all can. it was fun but i am tired and i look very much forward to hurting with you all in the future.

from here on out, push yourself....HARD.

gl, see you all tomorrow.

it was also nice to meet our friends at other affiliates. you are welcome to post, not just stalk. lol.

peas everyone and good night.

Ray said...

Hail, Aimee! Our fearless leader!

"The true test of a leader is whether his followers will adhere to his cause from their own volition, enduring the most arduous hardships without being forced to do so, and remaining steadfast in the moments of greatest peril."

Hannah said...

I need to put my two cents in..
Aimee hands down had the best chest to bar pull-ups out of that competition...in my opinion :) Her form was phenomenal throughout the 4 workouts. I saw the pain in her face and yet she never stopped once. she is an inspiration. it was a definite wake-up call and I wish you could have all been there to see these athletes...i solemly swear not to complain about doing extra planks at the end of a workout, bitch about my ripped hands, or whine about running.

congrats aim! you kicked ass.

Anonymous said...


Here is a great video to inspire


Nicole said...

I bet you we are carrying each other in this W.O.D!! :)

Nicole said...

Oh yuck!! Fran!!

Laura Pappas said...

Great job yesterday everyone, and thanks for the support of the counters and everyone else - the teamwork really helped me to push myself and work harder.

Jen S. said...

great job Kelly G! Keep up the good work!