W.O.D. 4.22.09
Today's WOD is the third and final workout from the SoCal Qualifier.
How do you stack up?
For Time:
2k Row
Followed by six rounds of:
20 Box Jumps (21#/25#)
10 Wall Balls (14#/20#) all to 10 ft Target

*Best Male time - David M. @ 15:26
*Best Female time - Katie H. @ 18:08

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What can you do for your world?


"The soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears"
-Minquass Tribe

Sam 18:39
Grans 21:25
Paul 19:04
Jason 23:59
Danielle 21:26
Adam 20:55 (*first time ever rowing!!!)
Joe D. 24:39
Ray 32:55
Tim P. 17:22
Scott 17:52
Jenny 20:35
Jon 26:26
Devin 22:25
CP 23:32
Hot Wheels 29:01
Miranda 22:25
Mike F. 23:23
Joe A. 22:52
Tim M. 30:38
Nicole 27:11
Chris 28:02
Lisa 21:15


Jason Lyons said...

I want an * by Paul's score for lack of full heel on the box! LOL. Good job everyone. I just wanted to throw an extended congrats to Sam whose row time of 7:16.4 would have placed him at 215th in the world in 2009. That is of those that competed in the indoor world championships. I am 224th and Paul is 223rd but what was cool is that Sam actually beat people that competed. Only 222 were in the field. For those curious, 5:48 was the winner this year. SICK!

Aimee Lyons said...

Yes, let's not forget our new heel on box standard for the box jumps.

Appalachian Athlete said...

I know I'll hate this WOD but it's one I need to do. I suck at all these things.

but the real reason i'm posting... WTF does that quote mean? MY soul does NOT have a rainbow! My soul is black.... with long spikes. Like a see urchin. If I see someone from the Minquass Tribe today, I'm gonna smack 'em until I see some tears. You should, too.

Nicole said...

HAHA Doug!!

Ummm this WOD will take me at least 30 minutes.

Aimee- my arm still has a tingling sensation. Around 10:00 last night is when it started to feel somewhat normal.

Aimee Lyons said...

Doug- that quote was courtesy of Mr. Lyons, maybe he can enlighten you on the meanings...HAHAHA!!!

Nicole-nothing overhead today :-)

Hannah said...

it's about time heels on the box jumps!

Doreen said...

I feel like I'm missing so much! What's with the heel on the box jump? Does it mean that the whole foot has to touch the box now?

Thanks for all of the congrats yesterday! I'm seeing the ortho for my knee today - hopefully, I'll be back to the box soon. I feel like I'm going through CrossFit withdraw!

I did get to meet a group of Boston CrossFitters during the marathon. There were 3 of them running.

Jason Lyons said...


i see your aura and it is shining bright and pink. the members of the dead kennedies fan club would be so disappointed. lol.

in all reality the quote was in the last book that i read and i liked it. science geeky rayleigh scattering combined with tribalism. NICE!

Ray said...

That first round of box jumps was a real treat following the 2K Row. I felt like I had the heart of a lion with the legs of Gumby.

Oh, and as far as souls go, the only soul worth having is a warrior's soul. However, a black spiked sea urchin soul is pretty awesome too, not to mention incredibly unique with just a hint of hardcore Punk tribalism. Like the warrior, it is most definitely a soul devoid of a rainbow.

Aimee's mindset for the weekend:

"The person who will not be defeated cannot be defeated"
- Navy SEAL Maxim

Ray said...

For those that do not know what Jason is talking about:

Rayleigh scattering of sunlight in clear atmosphere is the main reason why the sky is blue.

The size of a scattering particle is parametrized by the ratio x of its characteristic dimension r and wavelength λ such that:

x = (2*pi*r)/λ

Rayleigh scattering can be defined as scattering in the small size parameter regime where x << 1.

There, that ought to clear things up. Who said CrossFitters were just a bunch of knuckle draggers.

Tim P said...

Jas- here's another good resource for the rowing calculation for comparison. Is this what you used?