Hot Wheels Curran.
Getting stronger everyday!

W.O.D. 4.6.09
SDHP (65/95)
Knees To Elbows
+ 10 Ring rows after each set

Breaking down the SDHP:
The Sumo Deadlift High Pull or SDHP combines the two movements of the Sumo Deadlift and the High Pull to create an extremely effective full-body exercise that builds strength in both the lower and upper body.
Starting Position – The Angry Gorilla
The starting position is also fondly called the “Angry Gorilla” because it resembles the posture of a big, bad silverback. The feet are wide, the chest high, and the butt low.
Stand Up!
The Sumo Deadlift is a simple movement consisting of getting into a good starting position, and then standing up much like the squat. The back must remain tight in order to protect the spine and to ensure that the proper muscles of the legs and butt are being used.
Open the Hips all the Way
In the middle of the Sumo Deadlift High Pull, the hips are all the way open, the back completely straight, and the shoulders back.
The Shrug
The Sumo Deadlift High Pull begins as the Sumo Deadlift ends. Without a pause, and in order to maintain the momentum of the weight, the shoulders shrug up just as the hips open completely.
The Top
At the top of the exercise, the weight is all the way up to the chin and the elbows are high. Without pausing at the top, begin the process in reverse to complete the entire movement. Lower the weight until your arms are straight, then return to the start position.
Returning to the starting position should be done just like a squat, with a push back of the hips and bend of the knees to lower the weight to the starting position. It’s critical on the way down to keep the back tight.

"The sun is setting...the sun will rise another day."
-Eddie Vedder
Maybe today was not a perfect day. But don't give up, tomorrow is another day with new possibilities and opportunities. -Aimee

Paul 95-22:55
Jason 95-32:07
Jon 80-25:26
Curin 45-22:06
Miranda 65-27:52
Jim C. 75-33:42
Chris 80-29:24
Hannah 65-33:50
Jen C. 65-26:57
Jen S. 45-22:50
Danielle 65-30:39
Jill 45-24:18
Sam 95-20:45
Doug 95-22:02
Tim P. 95-17:18
Laura 65-25:54


Jim Curran said...

skidmarks forever!

Evan said...

Skidmark..... I'm thinkin thats a good nick name for you Jim.

Danielle said...

Happy Birthday Aimee!

Jeff said...

Happy Birthday Aimee!!!

Nicole said...

HAHAHA @ hotwheels!!!!

Happy Birthday Aimee!!!

Mike said...

Sunday's hotel wod =
5 80# thrusters,
10 pushups,
15 situps
(AMRAP in 20 mins) = 13 rounds.

Happy Birthday Aimee!

Scott M said...

Happy Birthday Aimee!
Sorry I cant come tonite, Not feeling the greatest. Have a good one and see you tomorrow

Aimee Lyons said...

Thanks for the Birthday wishes...I know we will all enjoy some more burpees tonight as if the past two WOD's weren't enough...31 for today!

tim said...

I was going to wish you a happy birthday but now that I know are dishing out burpees...... Happy b-day anyway

Joe D said...

Happy 31st!

But you're not supposed to admit it:

Few women admit their age, few men act theirs.

Time and tide wait for no man, but time always stands still for a woman of 30.