Jon and Jill execute a waiters walk.
W.O.D. 4.4.09
An original WOD.
complete 5 rounds:
DB Snatch 5R (25#35#)
Waiters Walk 50 steps (Right hand carry)
DB Snatch 5L
Waiters Walk 50 steps (Left hand carry)
21 Burpees

The Waiter's Walk: carrying one heavy object overhead, like a waiter would carry a tray. Builds shoulder strength, core stability, and grip strength.


"If you don't like something change it; if you can't change it, change the way you think about it. "
~Mary Engelbreit
Danielle 20# 17:23
Mike F. 40# 21:35
Sam 30# 14:33
Jason 35# 20:20
Jen C. 25# 16:15
Hannah 25# 18:30
Jon 30# 17:29
Doug 40# 16:40
Jeff 30# 17:10
Jill 15# 21:11
Jim C. 35# 28:17
Paul 40# 14:39
Curin 15# 22:40
Chris 30# 26:38


Mike said...

looks like a fun one!!! 3 hours till motown gets rocked by NOVA NATION!!!

Mike said...

and finally, an explanation on the controversial damper setting http://media.crossfit.com/cf-video/CrossFitJournal_AFBRuceRowPre.wmv

Ray said...

Jesus H. Christ! No wonder it took me so long. I did this at home:

5 Rounds:
5R DB Snatch
50 Waiter Walks
21 Burpees
5L DB Snatch
50 Waiter Walks
21 Burpees

Time: 39:50

Somebody snuck an extra 5 rounds of 21 burbees in there on me! No wonder my heart rate pegged at 100%.

I tried one round with the 35 lb KB, but it was too much for the shoulder. Dropped down to 20 lb DB, and that worked well.