W.O.D. 3.25.09
Single Modality -Gymnastics
AMRAP in 20 Minutes of:
20 Air Squats
15 Push-Ups
10 Ring Rows

Coach Notes:
Mark your calendar for April 11th...CrossFit KoP will be hosting a fundraiser to help fund Alzheimer's research and also support of our fellow CrossFitter Doreen who will be running the Boston Marathon this year! More details regarding the challenge will follow.

"The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure."
-Sven Goran Eriksson

Doug 13 rounds
Sam 14 rounds
Jen C. 11 rounds
Lisa 10 rounds
Tim P. 13 rounds
Paul 11 rounds


Anonymous said...

Save this one for our noon class next week Aimee. I can do this one with my shoulder, and it is good rehab for it.

Anonymous said...

Great job everyone this morning... especially with the extra kettlebell planks! Mike, awesome job on the row yesterday! I tried to compete, but I don't even think I got my average below 1:30 so there was no way I was getting close.

Aimee Lyons said...

Ray-without a doubt, I'll put this one on the calender for the noon class next week. I hope your shoulder rehab is moving along...here's a Rippetoe Quote I found along the way..."Accumulating injuries are the price we pay for the thrill of not having sat around on our asses."

Jason Lyons said...

Good job everyone. I think that you are all nuts to get up that early and work out. I tried again today and failed again today. Good thing I have a key and can go later. ;) Ah, the perks!

On a different note, I host a golf tournament every year for my best friend that died of cardio myopathy 5 years ago. The tourney is on May 9th in the morning at the Ingleside Golf Course and the charge is $85.00 for 18 holes with a cart, a lunch and all the Miller Lite you can drink. We also have a few prizes to give away for closest to the pin, long drive, and a raffle. If you are interested in attending or being a sponsor of a hole if you own a business, please let me know. Last year, we had 70 people and we are trying to fill the course this year. Thanks.

Appalachian Athlete said...

ah, man, I already know I'm out for the 14th benefit. But Alzheimer's research and Doreen running the Boston are two things I can get behind, so I'll contribute in some way.

Mike, that 1:30 500m row is b-d-ss. That's a loooooong 1:30.

Ray, you're report of your texas hotel wod was the extra push I needed to get out and get something done last night even though I had to miss class. The bad side was I chose another metcon with squats so, today, after three days of squats in a row, and legs like lead, I am relishing my day off tommorrow.

Anonymous said...

Doug, agreed! those last 15 seconds were the longest 15 seconds ive ever witnessed.