W.O.D. 3.18.09
Time to meet another lady!
Although, you may not refer to her as a lady by the end of the WOD.

21 – 15 - 9
Squat Cleans (135#/95#)
Ring Dips
*If you can’t do ring dips the sub is 3 regular dips for 1 ring dip. Or use a box for your toes.
*If you can't do Squat cleans sub Power cleans or Hang Power cleans.

Elizabeth (as Rx'd) (Annie and Greg)...[wmv][mov]
Coach notes:
This one is on the board, please record your score and put it in your folders too!

"Develop the capacity of a novice 800 meter track athlete, gymnast, and weightlifter and you'll be fitter than any world class runner, gymnast, or weightlifter."
-Greg Glassman


Anonymous said...


Left my long tupperware water bottle with a green top at the gym near the radio. If anyone sees it please safeguard it. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Results for Elizabeth:
Joe 135# 25:22
Paul 115# 16:16
Sam #80 14:08 (clean & Jerks)

Joe, I'll look for your water bottle in the Thurs morning class.

Appalachian Athlete said...

Joe, I'll defile your water bottle in the Thurs morning class.

Fellas, nice times on the wod today. That's a tough one, especially at 6 am.

Hannah, I understand that last night you broke 100 in the first 5 mins of d-lifts. That is seriously b-d-ss!

Anonymous said...

I have the results from yesterdays Dead Lift WOD. I can't seem to post it in the comments section without it turning into a huge mess. I have a word doc with the results ina table. If anyone wants it I can e-mail it or bring a hard copy to the gym.
Let me know

Miranda said...

Ev-Can we do this workout again? I am mad that I missed it. I can never make the am classes due to my work schedule.

Yeah, Han way to bust out those deadlifts girl!!!!!! YOU ROCK :-)

Anonymous said...

yeah Hannah , that was monster, nice workout this morning guys.

Anonymous said...


If my water bottle is defiled I will flip your truck over.


Anonymous said...

joe, i would pay money to see you flip a truck over.

i was feeling the effects of those deadlifts last night in my hammies and lower back. let's just say, no deadlifts for a WHILE!