W.O.D. 3.11.09
"Freddy's Revenge"

Complete five rounds for time of:
5 push press (M:185#/W:100#)
10 burpees

This is overhead in any safe manner. You may start from the bar racked behind the neck or on the front shoulder rack position. It may be necessary to start in heats or go off the floor due to lack of racks.
This workout was done by the trainers at one of the CrossFit Level I Certifications hosted by One World. It was suppose to favor Freddy, but he ended up finishing last with a time of 11:23. Jason Khalipa rocked it at 5:43. I had the honor of meeting Freddy at the Affiliate gathering in Texas last month and now frequent his blog and got this idea from CrossFit One World. Thanks.

Freddy's Revenge (CFJ Preview) ...[wmv][mov]

"Live well. It is the greatest revenge."
-The Talmud

Lisa 85-9:33
Jen C. 70-9:31
Tara 80-5:18
Joe Rxd-15:03
Sam 130-6:40
Jeff 105-8:53
Paul 120-5:50
Aimee 95-8:04
Ray 95-12:42
Joyce 45-7:37
Joseph 115-9:37
Sam H. 65-7:35
Nicole 65-6:49
Mike M. 125-6:24


Anonymous said...

this is one of my favorite workouts! i'm sad i missed it! :(

ps. jas, how was fran?

Jason Lyons said...

my time was 6:03 so i was pretty happy. i could do better though since i could not get a good grip on the cold pull-up bars. i was not happy until i was on bar number 3. i really need to thank aimee as she was there to yell and push me. i am still wheezing from the cold air that i sucked in while doing the workout so i definetly got my fix of fran until the summer months.

more impressive that has thus far gone unmentioned was paul's first muscle up. congrats man, i am really proud and jealous of you.

Aimee Lyons said...

Paul, Congrats, next time we need to get it on film!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Jason on crushing it! Your time almost makes up missing "breakfast club" this morning while you still in bed wraped up in a snuggie.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys-

I am doing this WOD with Aimee tonight in a private session at 7:00. Let me know if you would like to join. :)

Anonymous said...

hey nicole, i'd be game for joining you @ 7.

Nice Rx'd workout Joe.

Anonymous said...


Raul Ito said...

Way to represent Tara!