Athlete Profile- Ray
Ray, a former Marine, came to us in early December with a need for CrossFit to get over his plateau. At that point, he had already lost 40 lbs by changing his diet and using a Bowflex and Water-rower erg. He was hesitant at first to try CrossFit but quickly learned the basics and started taking regular classes. Ray doesn't let anything get in the way of a good at home WOD. He consistently CrossFits either at home or on the road and has managed to work around two injuries in the last month. Ray's dedication is unparalleled and we are honored to have him as part of the CrossFit KoP family. He's featured above with his newest at home equipment. (Ray, I bet your wife is happy, no more box jumps on the cedar chest).
Keep up the strong work Ray!

W.O.D. 3.28.09
G.I. Jane

100 reps for time of:
Pull up Burpees
There are two requirements for each rep:
chest hits the deck and chin over the bar.

G.I. Jane (Greg Amundson)...[wmv][mov]

"What counts in sports is not the victory, but the magnificence of the struggle."
- Joe Paterno

Lisa 23:04
Scott 14:44
Mike M. 17:19
Sam 15:55
Jon 17:00
Doug 13:20
Jason 22:27
Tim M. 34:35
Curin 13:28 (50)
Jim C. 15:55 (50)
Jen C. 16:05
Hannah 100 Burpees-9:09
Hannah 100 Pull ups-25:36
Miranda 100 Burpees-9:54
Miranda 100 Pull ups-10:05
Joe A. 32:44


Scott M said...

Nice Job Ray. Im proud of you man. Cant wait to get a WOD in with you soon. Doing GI Jane for you buddy


Joe A said...

Ray you have a lot of heart and dedication to get WODS done at home. Not to mention your an all around good guy.

I love the Joe Pa quote.

jen said...

i heart joepa in a big way!

Ray said...

Aw schucks, you folks are too kind. It's kind of hard not to be motivated around you guys and gals.

Scott, thanks for the thought, but I did it my own damn self!!! I used my daughters swing set for a pull up station. There are ladder rungs overhead that allowed me to take a neutral grip like on gymnastics rings, and I could do it!!! It felt so good to do pull ups again!

Time: 23:53 as RX'd

If you thought yesterday's Facebook pic was cool, then check out today's. You should see the divots that I carved out of the ground doing the burpees.

Hopefully, I will see some you at Doreen's fundraiser if I get cleared to go out. Maybe my wife will come, but she works this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Intense work everyone this morning...GO CATS!!!!

Mike said...

OOPS! forgot my name

Hannah said...

checked out my old 100 burpee times:
a steady improvement. crossfit works.