Happy 1st anniversary Jason!
Thank you for understanding my past, believing in my future and accepting me just the way I am. Your support and love has allowed my CrossFit dream to turn into a reality.

W.O.D. 3.8.09

3 Rounds for time of:
400M Run
30 Wall Balls
20 Burpees
10 Squat Cleans (65/95)

CrossFit Copenhagen shows that the WOD is the universal language: Video.

Coach notes:
Reminder "Spring ahead" daylight savings time is here.
Above photography by the talented David Zaveloff.

What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.
- Aristotle

Jen 19:54 Rxd
Tara 18:31 Rxd
Lisa 23:30 Rxd
Sam 20:38 Rxd
Danielle 23:34 Rxd
Paul 20:17 Rxd
Mike M. 20:28 Rxd
Doug 25:20 65#
Hannah 22:16 Rxd
Aimee 17:03 Rxd
Tim 35:14 Rxd w/ 500M Row


Scott M said...

Woke up this morning and my shoulders were killing me, looked at the WOD and said no way.

Ran 10K


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Aimee and Jason!

Aimee Lyons said...

Scott-Strong work...I'm due for a good 10K run soon!

Doreen- Thanks!

Tara- Great having you in class today...you definitely pushed "wolfie".


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary guys!

Scott M said...

Happy Anniversary Aimee and Jason. Now doesn't that meant you have to due 100 burpees as punishment for putting up with each other for the past year. I think thats about right.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!

I did this WOD at home. Sub'd 5L/5R 35 lb KB squat cleans (time to order a 53 lb KB). Everything else as RX'd.

Time: 34:58

That last round of wall balls & burpees kicked my butt. First time doing a bunch of burpees since I pulled the hamstring, and they went well....as well as burpees go. Great outside WOD.

Anonymous said...

happy anniversary...and isnt it a burpee for each day, so i think 365 burpees is about right

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary and congratulations! But take the burpee idea with some forethought: if it is cumulative, it's 9,490 burpees for us on May 21, we'll have to share this fun with everyone at CrossFit KoP!

Scott M said...

Im going make an executive decision and say its a burpee for each day of marriage for you too. Split it up any way that you want. But 365 sounds about right to me.

Aimee Lyons said...

Oh boy...Jeff, your 9,490 burpees make our 365 look like a walk in the park. Question, do couples get to split them?
Scott- Be careful what you wish for...your day may come sooner than you expect.

Miranda said...


You two are the dynamic duo!!!! Wishing you many more years of happiness, health and good fortune!!!