Masters Class coninutes through the fall...join us today!

Commit yourself to fitness and longevity through our classes targeted for the masters age group. In these classes, we will teach you fitness through functional movements. Functional movements are essential to independent living and quality of life. Functional movements are the basis for all human movement. Ward off decrepitude and get a strong and functioning body for the rest of your life! Our Masters class can help you do just that!

This masters class is exclusively for people ages 50 and up. The class is specifically designed with the needs of older adults in mind. The class gives those who prefer it, an opportunity to work out with their own peer group.

All levels of fitness are welcome! These classes are programmed to increase competence in 10 General Physical skills (cardiorespiratory endurance, coordination, accuracy, agility, balance, flexibility, power, stamina, speed and strength) through functional exercises, while focusing on the goal of prolonged independence.

Classes meet Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1-2pm. Getting started special---One month of classes is $115, two months is $200. Join us to see what this class can do for your health and well being!

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