Post Holiday Nutrition and Lifestyle Challenge

Ok, lets face it, we are all tempted by sweet treats and imbibe a little too much over the holidays. 

Feeling puffy post party??


In 2015 CFKoP is getting serious about nutrition and performance. Join us on January 17th at 11:00AM (for measurements, baseline WoD) and at 12:00PM for the details/rules of the "Post Holiday Nutrition Challenge" and Pot-luck kick off (your final cheat day). 

There will be a $5 buy in- Winner takes all. 

Winner will be based on body composition change, fat loss, lean muscle gain and performance.

We will also be doing measurements and mini-kick off on Friday 1/16 at 10:30AM for all of you "9:30AM go-ers" who cannot make it to the pot-luck on Saturday. 


Dave N. said...

Oh no! It's the evil carb queen! She looks friendly enough, but that's when she gets you with her penis cookies and vagina cupcakes!

Unknown said...

Hahaha dave...for the record I didn't eat 1 penis or vagina!!!!