King and Queen 2014 Details

Finally...a few details on the event that all of you have been waiting for! The day (6/28) is arriving fast (Saturday is only a few days away) and it is time to crown our newest King and Queen. The King and Queen of Prussia will give many an opportunity to compete for the first time, it will give others a chance to see where they stack up, it will push all athletes to a new level, it will provide an atmosphere or camaraderie and friendship that defines what CrossFit King of Prussia is all about.

If you are not competing, we strongly encourage you to stop by and cheer on your friends and support them during the day. At the end of the event, we will celebrate in true CrossFit fashion with a "stink and drink" and catered lunch. Please feel free to bring some pot-luck fare and drinks too! See you there!

Arrive: 8:00AM - Registration begins
Announcements: 8:45AM - Standards and details of the day
WOD: 9:15AM  - First heat begins
Event End: 4:00PM -...Estimated

There will be NO regular classes on June 28th because of the King and Queen competition... regular class resumes on Sunday.

Heats will be announced this week. 

The workouts are:
CrossFit WOD 1:  Fight Gone Horrible

3 Rounds for Time (15 minute cap)

20 Wall balls
20 Shoulder to Overhead (65/45#)
20 Box Jumps (Step-ups allowed)
20 Sumo deadlift high-pulls (65/45#)
20 Calorie Row

Each athlete will be assessed a one second penalty for every unfinished rep. 

Barbell WOD 2:  Up, Up and Far, Far Away

Take 7 Minutes to find your 1RM Snatch

Each athlete will start with one bar and the appropriate plates. The bar must come from the floor to overhead and the athlete must show control overhead.  The athlete is responsible for adding his or her own weight and communicating with Judges based on the weight on the bar.  Any form of Ground to overhead in the form of a SNATCH not a Clean and Jerk is allowed…

Boot Camp WOD 3: Plow the Fields

Max Distance in 3 minutes

Prowler Push (140/90#)

Each athlete will push the prowler from the high bars as far as they can in 3 minutes. 

Endurance WOD 4: Kenya Dig It?

1 mile run

Each athlete will run two 800 meters as fast as they can. 

Mobility WOD 5: The Human Rack

Max V-sit reach

Each athlete will have three attempts to determine their max reach according to the Presidential V-sit reach test. 


Melanie said...

Great events! Good luck to all that are competing. I will be there to judge, help out, cheer you all on!

jim c said...

Will there be separate finals workouts like in past years or just these 5?

Aimee Lyons said...

Jim ---there will be a final event...we will announce details on Saturday.

Sarah said...

I'm not sure what time I am leaving-but may I come an do as many WODs as possible until I have to go? I think I might leave at like 3ish to go away.