W.O.D. 6.2.14

Take 15 Minutes to work on your Muscle Up:

The muscle-up is a basic gymnastics technique used to get from the bottom to the top of a set of rings. A false grip is most commonly used in order to ease the transition from pull-up to dip, though non-false grips can also be used.

Suspend yourself from a set of rings with elbows fully extended. Pull yourself upwards and transition into the bottom of a "dip" position. Press yourself out of the dip by extending your elbows until you reach a supported ring position.  

Working your strict chest to bar pull-ups, ring pull-ups and dips, and your false grip body row to bottom support will help build the requisite strength and the muscle-up will come.

9-7- and 5 reps, for time of:
95/135 pound Squat snatch

Coaches Notes:
Scale the MU for 3 Pull-ups and 3 Dips, Jumping Muscle ups or transitions depending on the athletes level and ability. 

Show me a good loser, and I'll show you a loser.
-Vince Lombardi


Mike T. said...

Jon P. 9:05 95#/MU Attempts
Gina S. 6:16 55#/MU Trans

Great work today. Welcome to Jon P. You were nailing mu's in warmup and once you get the speed part down, they will come easy.

Gina, keep working on the transition and the training wheels will come off soon.

Unknown said...

Every so often a coach has to write on the blog about taking the dreaded "Rest Day". I know in the CrossFit community it's like someone is dropping an F-bomb during a prayer in church. The truth is this; if you not resting YOU'RE GETTING WEAKER!!! We all know how muscle breakdown and repair works. If not I can write about that as well. To sum it up it goes like this -break it down, build it up. Unfortunatley we build it slower than we can break it. Imagine a hurricane (aka Fran) comes into town (aka you) and decimates everything in its path. How long does it take for a community to rebuild itself after a natural disaster? I use Fran as an example because the workout is short and intense, but it takes days and for some athletes almost a full week to recover from. And it is only meant to be a 10 minute workout! I wrote this because on Facebook I see posts all the time about "treating your body like you hate it" and "rest is for the weak". That's Bullshit. I'm here to tell you that your recovery are the most important part of your training regimen. My workout cycle is like this 3 days on 1 day off, 2 days on 1 day off. If I'm traveling I may take 2-3 days off. I may take more! I know that when I'm resting I'm rebuiding. When I'm rebuilding I'm setting myself up to PR. Break your body down long enough and you will be broken. You will not make any gains, you will not set any new PR's. On your rest days go for a walk and enjoy nature, maybe a light yoga class, some mild stretching or a short hike. Be smart, stay healthy and tell your ego to shut the hell up!

Stephanie Vincent said...

Tonight at 6:30, coach Tim Mc Cann takes over Monday night structured strength. I'll still be your coach Tuesdays at 10:30am and Wednesdays at 7am.

Structured strength isn't about hitting a max or testing limits. It's about putting in the work to both build strength and capacity that will allow you to hit those prs and see improvements in the daily wod.

In addition our secondary goal is to educate your mind and body about strength training. Every athlete should learn the how and why of their training in order to become more self reliant in their training. By putting the work in your body learns how to hold itself, it gains a familiarity in the Movement. You learn what "heavy" feels like. You learn how to reach the line where adaptation happens without crossing over.

Every week there will be an Olympic movement or assistance with a focus on technique, a lower body strength movement (usually dead lift or squat), and upper body movement (usually a press) and accessory exercises that target the most common weakness we see in athletes (posterior chain and core strength).

Warm ups are short and simple so come a little early if you need extra mobility. You may not get to all of the accessories and that's okay. We can adapt the program to work with injuries and limitations. And if you come more that once in the week we will give you alternative Programming on your subsequent classes.

This week in structured strength....

Behind the Neck Jerk (split or power)- warm up then 6 sets of 2- increase weight each set or use working weight through sets

Deadlift- warm up to 80-90% of max then EMOM complete a set of 3 for 8 minutes

Bench Press-heavy 5x5- increase weight each set or use working weight through sets

Accessories: 1) Weighted back Extension (hold KB or DB in each hands or hug a plate)- 3 sets of 10-15 2) Strict Pull-ups-  4 sets of 5 with a negative on last rep 3) Reverse Crunch w/medball- 4 sets of 10-15

Aimee Lyons said...

Chris D 9:25 scaled
Barb 11:10 scaled
Christ 9:02 55# scaled
Fran 5:53 55# scaled
Kara 8:49 scaled 35#
Alejandra 6:55 scaled 15#
Rob 10:26 scaled 33#
Jonathan 8:19 45#

In addition to rest days being important so is working on high skilled movements such as the snatch or Muscle up. Don't be afraid and cherry pick and avoid them, Try not to let these movements frustrate you. Embrace the point at which you need to work to get better at the movements. Be persistent and dedicate your focus.

Aimee Lyons said...

Alex 58# 13:30 - Jumping MU + 2 MU (one before and after wod!)
Maryanne 13:45 35#-Dips/Pull-ups

Welcome to Maryanne.
Alex - nice work on on the MU!

Unknown said...

5:30 Mobility

Ryan A
Alison K

Miranda said...

Sarah 10:56/scale
Ninja Pete 11:42 95# rp/dips
Alex 12:51/JMU
Joe 11:49 115# power/rp/dips

Aimee Lyons said...

Roman: 14:16 (95# JMU...4MU!!!!)
Kate F: 14:52 (35# PU/dip)
Jill: 11:27 (55# pu/dip)
Keith: 14:16 (rx)

Roman: 4 MU!!! AWESOME
Kate F: great shoulder stability, progress is very noticeable
Jill: Dont, get mad, you are legit
Keith: Snatches were awesome, get your mind out of the way

Keith B said...


Ryan S 11:20 95 JMU
Shawna 16:31 35 RR/dip
Tim H 17:04 scale


Erika 13:13 sc
Conn 13:31 sc
Jill C 13:42 sc
Derreck 12:34 sc
Brittany 13:10 sc
Nico 12:12 sc
Matt B 13:40 sc
Cline 15:20 sc
Stephanie C 12:08 sc
Kyle B 13:11 sc

Nice to see you tonight Kyle! Also, welcome to Nico(1st class). I hope you're not too sore today!