W.O.D. 6.6.14

Deadlifts (205/315#)
Box Jumps (24/30")

Community Notes:
WOD and Wine tonight for Ladies at 6:30PM, friends and family are welcome. FREE class and social afterwards.

I Took Last Place in the CrossFit Games Open

"I can be changed by what happens to me, but I refuse to be reduced by it."
- Maya Angelou


Unknown said...

Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Any one that ever obtained anything of value obtained it with a certain level of discomfort. Maybe the whole process wasn't uncomfortabel, but I'm certain that there were definitely times that they/we said "I don't know if I can do that"or "That looks, sounds or feels like it may bring me pain". So the next time you're met with a situation that seems "painful" because it's outside your realm familiarity ask yourself if your resistance is justified (meaning actually protecting you from REAL danger) or is it b/s so you can procrstinate? Get really real with yourself and GO FOR IT!

Miranda said...

Hey guys!!!

Would anyone be interested in playing volleyball at the Plymouth Community Center? They have 2 sand courts and they only have leagues on Tuesday nights.

I could do one night during the week or even a Saturday or Sunday.

I would like to play one night next week if I can get some peeps to participate.

Aimee Lyons said...

Vlad has asked me to post here if anyone is interested in tickets for his fight to call him or text to (312)709-2870.

Stephanie Vincent said...

Hey tim... when you get that uncomfortable feeling it means one of two things--- you either need to get the fuck out of the situation you are in because its dangerous or at least toxic or it means what you are about to do somethings that is actually worth doing and will make you better for having done it.

Stephanie Vincent said...

jon p 9:04 275
zelda 10:31 95/17
ellie 10:12 95/dips
Rebecca 7:36 145/20step
Steve 9:59 155/20step
Rachel 10:39 185

Rachel- great job pushing through and stringing those deadlifts- i knew you could.
Ellie & Rebecca- Maling choices to protect your body are always good choices! good job
zelda- your deadlift form is consistent--next wod its time to ramp up the intensity a bit!
Steve & Jon- nice work on those heavy deads. Jon- keep working on putting it down efficiently.

Jill A 9:11 115/20step
Pete 8:58 275
Sarah 6:36 103/20
Mark R 12:18 165

Jill- rest and recover this weekend. you are awesome and will be even more awesome...patience, acceptance and smart choices will be your friend
Sarah- heavier deads next time
Mark- Way to crush the 30" box- even though you doubted!
Pete- Nice ponytail :-)))

Gavin 8:14 180
Audrey 6:00 73/13step
Pam 7:02 123
Dianne 5:07 113/17step

I don't have anything special to say to you guys, i know this felt like more of a recovery workout after the hero workout this week. but as always my dear nooners you are an afternoon delight.

Aimee Lyons said...

Aimee 8:18 Rx
Giulia 9:26 Rx
Jenna 8:36 105/20

Unknown said...

Hey, what about me Steph? ;)

Stephanie Vincent said...

roman 5:30 205
Josh 7:42 185/24

Stephanie Vincent said...

Sorry nick!! 8:09 145!

Stephanie Vincent said...

Diane 4:30 #135 SU
Kara 4:37 #123 SU
Christ 5:28 #103 SU
Barb 7:04#160 SU
Fugo 4:55 #95 20''
Mark C. 7:31 #225
Joe G. 8:30 #205
Fran 5:32 #105
Nolan 5:30 #55
Allison B. 6:00 #95 20''
Marni 5:54 #115 20''
Darcy 6:42 #85 SU
Tim H. 8:22 #225 24''
Troy 9:16 #255 30''
John 9:38 #225 30''
Michal 11:34 125 20''
Tim Mcc. 8:38 #275 30''
Samson 10:47 #225 30''

Lots of really great scaling today. Mr. Intensity was amazing too.