W.O.D. 6.9.14

Why the strict Pull-up?
They build muscle and compliment kipping pull-ups: Pull ups build functional strength towards improving one’s kipping pull ups. This means that strict pull ups and weighted pull-ups, help a CrossFitter to improve. Not only do strict pull ups build muscle efficiently and complement kipping pull ups, but they also offer variety, which is another cornerstone of CrossFit.

Strict (or weighted) Pull-up (3 sets of 7)
*Use a band if needed to scale to level and ability in order to still maintain the stimulus. If Strict Pull-ups are in your wheel-house, upgrade to weighted pull-ups and record weight or band used.

8 Minute AMRAP - Barbell complex
1 (Deadlift)+1 (Hang Clean) + 1 (Thruster)+ 1 (Front Rack Lunge Right)+ 1 (Front Rack Lunge Left) = 1 Rep

"Trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit."

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Unknown said...

You are the only person that you with all the time. Make sure that you are friends with yourself!

Mike T. said...

Candy P. 18 35#/blue/black
Bill P. 17 95#
Gina S. 21 65#/blue

Welcome Bill and Candy!!!Great Job.

Gina, way to push yourself to break that 20 rep, goal!

Miranda said...


King -strict/13RX
Ninja Pete 20#/15rx
Mark C. - strict/14 @115#
Alex 10#/22@95# squat clean

Unknown said...

I think I left my hand brace by the pull up bars!!!! Can someone put it on the front desk..PLEASE!! THANK YOU!!!

Stephanie Vincent said...

This week in structured strength...
mon 6:30p, tues 10:30a, wed 7am

1) Snatch Balance- warm up then 6 sets of 2- increase weight each set or use working weight through sets

2) Back Squat 25/10 Warm up then put 80-90% on bar, a weight that you think will be hard but doable to complete 25 reps in 10 minutes. You can break the sets up anyway you choose but do not let form breakdown

3) Push Press- heavy 5x5- increase weight each set or use working weight through sets

1) Good Morning-3 sets of 10  2) Face Pull 3 sets 10-15 3)50 hollow rocks (break into sets)

Aimee Lyons said...

Diane found your brace, it's at the desk

Jonathan- strict - 17@ 95#
Barb - blue- 23 @ 35#
Diane - black and blue- 20 Rx
Kara - blue- 17 @ 35#
Sarah S (flossx2) 17 @53#
Rakia (blue/green) 14@ 35#
Chris T (blue) 16@53#
Tori (green) 17 @53#

kudos to Jonathan for saying he had one strict pullup then going on to get 7 in a ROW!

any last minute athletes want in to the King and Queen??? Let me know...post to comments or email, crossfitkop@gmail.com

Mark R, Rachel Willians, Luke M, Dana D, ---what size?

Paul S said...

Regi 22 #65
Coach Timmy Mac. 15 RX
Olan 14 #105

Aimee Lyons said...

Justin (purple) 14 @ 115#
Sarah (knees/band) 4 DL/lunge
Alex (strict/12#) 18 @ 80#
Maryanne (purple) 10@35# 6@45#

rainy day boot campers
Mark R
Justin R
Jen S

Keith B said...


Derreck 7#/14@115
Jason I 18#/15@115
Jill C blue/19@65
Shawna Gr+floss/15@55


Conn 30#/16@95
Luke 7#/14@95
Stephanie C blue/17@55
Anne green/18@35
Fayth purple/15@55
Matt B floss/12@115
Nico 7#/10@95
Josh P green/16@95