W.O.D. 6.15.14

Happy Father's Day to all the amazing Dads out there...especially mine. CFKoP wouldn't be as cool with out all of his handy work, thanks a million DAD!

30 Minute Massacre

This workout runs every minute on the minute for 30 minutes. Start with one rep of each movement on the first minute, then add one rep every minute thereafter.

Minute One: 1 Kettlebell Swing, 1 Box Jump
Minute Two: 2 Kettlebell Swing, 2 Box Jumps
Minute Three: 3 Kettlebell Swing, 3 Box Jumps
Minute Four: 4 Kettlebell Swing, 4 Box Jumps …

Continue as long as you can adding one rep to each movement until you “miss” – until you can no longer complete all the reps within one minute. At that point you re-start on the next minute, beginning at one rep and adding up again. Your total number of reps is your final score for this WOD. So in minute one your score will be (2) in minute two your score will be (4) = overall score 6 if you were to complete two minutes of work. It's recommended that you keep track of this on a paper or counting device.

Community Notes:
Meet and Park at the Annex today, 110C DeKalb St., all classes will be held there. 

"When written in Chinese, the word "crisis" is composed of two characters. One represents danger, and the other represents opportunity."
-John F. Kennedy


Unknown said...

We are sent oppurtunities every day. It's up to us if we capitilize on them or not. I feel like we spend so much time over-processng that we miss them. Are you even aware that they happenng?

Keith B said...


Rachel W 261
Jen F 266


Marci 214

Laura Pappas said...

Yes thanks Dad for all that you do at KoP!

Laura Pappas said...

Yes thanks Dad for all that you do at KoP!