W.O.D. 6.4.14

15 Minute AMRAP:
1 Rope Climb (15 foot)
10 Push Press (65/95#)
20 Double Unders

Community Notes:
Ladies, don't forget about WOD and Wine on Friday evening at 6:30PM.  Those ladies participating in Strength Class Friday evening are obviously welcome to jump into the party post workout. Ladies bring a bottle of wine and a snack to share.  Post to comments what you plan to bring so we don't have a lot of duplicates.

Thursday evening 5:30PM Handstand Clinic with Aimee. Free for all members, $20 for non-members.

A New Recipe:
Two Ingredient Gluten Free Pancakes  

"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars."
~Les Brown


Jason Lyons said...

Misery loves company, if you want to do this at 5:20AM with me, show up.

Unknown said...

I'm bringing beet..goat cheese..pecan salad

Unknown said...

When we worry about something that hasn't happened yet, we are creating anxiety about nothing. Stay present and let life happen!

Jason Lyons said...

Jason: 6 Rx
Tim M: 8+1 Rx
Nick: 7+1 Rx
Peter: 9+4 Rx
Gina: 8+3(45#/pulls)
Mike: 5+6(65#)
Jill: 6 (45 pulls)

Tim: You are part monkey, those climbs were epic
Nick: Great improvement of your double unders but slowing them down
Peter: Faster doubles in town
Gina: Great straight leg pulls
Mike: Loved the consistency in the climbs
Jill: Best push press in class.

Paul S said...

Rebecca 6+3 RX
Nolan :-)
Fugo 7+15 rr/#35
Kara 8 SC
Diane 8+8 sc
Samson 6+8 RX
Alison K. 9+2 du
Dianne 8 sc
Kathleen 8+3 #45/su

Unknown said...

Ok who is starting the list for the wine and WOD. Ladies let's get the food list going.

Aimee Lyons said...

I think Diane got the early entry. I'm gonna bring some cheese and crackers and nuts!!!

Unknown said...

Patrick 7+11 rx
Great job Pat it's tough to hit these classes solo but you crushed it. We've got to work on your dip drive for the push press brother!! Keep up the mobility work and the other things we spoke about and you will get there!

Rebecca 6+11 45#/pulls/singles

Tim 7 65#/pulls

Travis 6 RX

Josh 7+1 65#

Kelsey 5+1 45#/singles

Rebecca great job stringing the push press together
Tim way to keep up the intensity
Travis rope climbs looked great, remember keep those hands out in front on the dubs
Josh dubs were awesome, I think you can go heavier on the push press next time
Kelsey way to get up that rope the first few rounds! Remember to be explosive out of the dip to jump that barbell overhead.

Sylvain 4 singles/pulls
Meghan 4+1 55#/singles
Marni 35#/pulls
Maryanne 7+1 35#/pulls/singles
Conn 5+11 75#

Sylvain excellent hustle the entire WOD
Meghan rope climbs were SO impressive
Marni smart to scale the weight and keep up the intensity with 10 rounds
Maryanne excellent work on the push press-keep those elbows up
Conn you legit have the prettiest rope climbs I've ever seen

Matt 4 pulls
Mark 6 75#/singles
Stephanie 55#/singles
Troy 5+6 35#/pulls/singles

Matt double under ninja!!!
Mark way to keep moving the whole time
Stephanie impressive all around, especially rope climbs
Troy great attitude way to never quit even when it hurts!

Unknown said...

Thank you Jason for the compliment, and thank you Guilia for covering BOTH my classes this evening!

Stephanie Vincent said...

Pam 3+14 almost rx

Pam did all the rope climbs except one. Went half way up three times! Pam-you are getting better and better at them!!

Aimee Lyons said...

Aimee 10 + 1 Rx
Giulia 7 Rx
Jenna 9 scaled