Get your Brain in the Game

Your brain is the most powerful muscle...here are a few tips to get it in the game!

Define Your Purpose
Why do you workout or train? Create a statement that defines why you do what you do.

Use a Mantra
What words motivate you? Choose a phrase or word to recall during your workout that will help you keep going.

Set an Intention
What is your focus for the workout? Think about how you want be, before you start moving.

Use Mental Rehearsal
Can you picture yourself doing the movements? Envision yourself with flawless technique succeeding before you do it.

Be Confident
Do you believe in yourself? Your mental attitude can make or break you. Embrace your greatness.

Accept the suck
Do you break down when you fail or when things aren't going your way? Failure and bad days are inevitable, accepting them rather than letting them define you, is what makes you better.

Trust your body
Are you sometimes stuck in your head? Your body often knows how to be efficient. Get out of your own way and let yourself do what you know how to do.

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Sarah said...

Embrace the suck! Everyday all day