W.O.D. 4.22.14

Five rounds for time of:
Row 500 meters
95/135 pound Bench press, 15 reps

"At one point in your life you either have the thing you want or the reasons why you don't"
- Andy Roddick

Row row row your boat...

This was so much easier in round one!

Raise your hand if your Sure!


Unknown said...

I love when I say hello to someone and ask how they are doing and their reply is "oh I'm good... I'm hanging in there". Really? It doesn't sound like it. I like to use superlatives: excellent, exceptional, magnificent. When a cashier or store associate asks me how I'm doing and say I'm living the dream! They're reaction is priceless, try it some time -you will be amazed at the looks you get!

Tim P said...


Kim G 18:43 (45)
Gina 19:04 (55)
Amy D 19:55 (45)
Peter W 24:46 Rx
King 23:03 Rx
Steve T 20:52 (65)
Oleg 20:03 Rx
Brian H 21:15 Rx
Nick C 22:10 (115)
Tobin 20:14 Rx+(165)

Paul S said...

Jackie 17:21 #45 SP
Rich 15:29 #85
Jonathan 16:32 #95
Christ 17:44 #43
Zelda 19:00 #35
Diane 18:50 #75

Great class, everyone picked an appropriate weight to pump hard with and went hard on the row. Also, crushed planks after wod.

Remember that the wods are programmed for the top echelon crossfitters at kop. Just because you can do 135/95 does not mean you should use it in this workout. For the good benchers in this gym this is less than 40% of their 1RM. Always scale appropriately.

Stephanie Vincent said...

Jill 18:48 33# sp
Pam 21:36 75#

Dave N. said...

I always appreciate advice like Paul gave on the blog today. There are lots of times when I show up for a WOD and don't have a good sense of what weight I should use for the workout. Is this a WOD where I should go heavier even though it will take more time? Is this a WOD where I should go lighter, be constantly moving, and get done fairly quickly? Sometimes that's not so easy to figure out on your own. (Or I could just be oblivious - let's not rule out that option.) Usually I scan the whiteboard to see what other people did earlier in the day to get an idea, but even that can be problematic as everyone has workouts where they are stronger and workouts where they are weaker. And workout times can vary quite a bit over the course of the day.

I do think it would be helpful if the type of advice Paul gave today became a routine part of the warmup in class. Just taking 30 seconds so the class knows "choose a weight where you can finish the WOD in about 12 minutes" or "don't use more than 60% of your 1RM for this WOD". I think this would also foster more discussion from the athletes ("Coach, I really feel like I can do 115 in this workout, are you cool with me using that weight?") and from the coaches ("Dave, that is way too much weight for you. We'd like to close the gym by 9pm tonight. Please only use 95.") Then going forward, both the coach and the athlete have a better sense of what the athlete should be using.

Paul can attest to the fact that I am a terrible scaler, but part of that is the stubborn side of me who always wants to try and go heavier so that one day I can RX a bunch of these things. I feel pretty confident that there are a good number of others at the gym who have a similar mindset. So a heads up of "hey dummy, this isn't the workout to go crazy on the weight" is very much appreciated.

Chris P. said...

good comment by Dave, per usual. Typically there are 5 criteria that can be modified: movement, rounds, reps, weight, or time. Movement can mean instead of bench press, someone does push ups. Same range of motion, different degree of difficulty. You can also do less rounds, reps, or weight, but usually not all unless someone is very deconditioned or the workout is extremely difficult. Lastly, you can scale the time so you put a time cap on the workout or a portion of the workout. For example, if a workout calls for 50 double unders, give yourself 1-2 minutes to work on attempts since a proficient athlete would take about 30 seconds to do 50 du's. Then move onto the next movement.

For this workout, if you are trying to get stronger, another way to "scale" it is to use Rx'd (or heavier) weights but lessen the reps. So 135 for 10 reps is another way to go depending on your goals. I would not say the extreme of doing 225 for 1 rep is a good scale though since it's so far away from the stimulus of the workout.

Coaches should absolutely give you an idea of the time domain and possible modifications/progressions for the workout. You might be able to do "Fran" Rx'd, but if it took you 20 minutes, did you really do "Fran"?

Paul S said...

Yup ^^^^^^^^

Jason Lyons said...

Jill: 16:43 (65#)
Ryan: 12:35 (Rx)
Keith: 22:49 (Rx)
Brynsie: 14:40 (Rx)
Regi: 15:36 (55#)
Olan: 21:26 (115#)
Justin R: 14:24 (115#)
Sharon: 23:39 (Rx)
WW: 13:41 (95-145)
Alison: 14:30ish (Rx)
Dave N: 23:03 (115#)
Nick S: 18:00 (85#)

Jill: You are scary strong for a 4th class. AWESOME form as well.
Ryan: Way to keep the row under 1:45
Keith: Proud that you train your weaknesses
Brynsie: So happy to see you, don't be a cherry picking stranger. ;)
Regi: Owned it, as usual, next time 5 more pounds
Olan: Silent but deadly in the corner
Justin R: Great all around effort for the past couple months...improvements are abundant, be proud.
Sharon: Lets row every other day. Goal go as long as you can keep a 2:00 pace and stop when you lose it.
WW: Absolutely awesome to work UP to 145
Alison: So into the wod, you wanted 6 rounds
Dave N: Dedication on the bench press will be rewarded in other exercises.
Nick S: Great all around pace for the entire wod.

Taryn: 18:44 (70-50)
Arienne: 17:08 (65#)
Alona: 19:37 (70-65)
Jen S: 17:24 (63#)
Jen F: 16:17 (35#)
Travis: 14:50 (115#)
Luke: 15:18 (95#)
Timmy: 15:24 (75#)

Taryn: Way to start heavy and scale when needed
Arienne: Right weight chica, way to push yourself
Alona: Looked great the whole wod, same rowing comment as Sharon above
Jen S: Great to have you in class, let's work the same rowing drill
Jen F: Awesome scale today, your did great
Travis: Mr Intensity may have a new body. Rowing pace was legit the whole wod.
Luke: Loved the bench man, great wod for you.
Timmy: Perfect scale for the wod, loved the technique on the bench.

Jason Lyons said...

I am in total agreement with Chris. We should all strive to have these conversations more. They are a win win for all.

Paul S said...

Jeff B.
Ryan A.

Seshu helped me clean up and erased the board boys. Thats my fault.
Nice job pumpin hard today, and for rallying Cline at the end Vlad, Jeff, Ryan.

D. 16:09 RX
Matt 19:48 RX
Seshu 14: 58 SC
Anne 17:13 #45
Fayth 16:55 #40
Steph C. 15:34 #50
Michal 17:18 SC
Rach 17:18 SC

All of you scaled perfectly. Great intensity on the Rows, and again like the 6:30 class.. Way to rally behind Matt at the end.

Travis said...

Great blog today, I enjoyed reading the comments. I also really enjoyed this wod and the 5:30 class.

Stephanie Vincent said...

Yes yes yes. Great conversation. If by chance we don't talk about this in class please ask us. The beauty of scaling is their isn't one right answer. And that the right option differs even for the same person from time to time. I did the intro tonight and told them, sometimes even people who can rx need to make a choice to scale to get better. You should always be thinking about what your doing and why your doing it. Constantly varied isn't random. Every athlete can take ownership over the purpose of their workout.

sharon said...

Will do Jason, thanks!

Unknown said...

6:30 Mobility

Jen F

Great job today gang!
Those squats definitely look much more "pristine" at the end of class than the beginning! Remember test and re-test. Rich making regular appearances at the mobility class, love it
Thanks for dropping in today Marci!

Unknown said...

Thanks to all the coaches for your specific insights on today's WOD!

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