Liz over the wall!!!
Shawn -a triple extension blur
Mel setting up for the 3 point snatch

W.O.D. 12.6.10
Create your own team WOD!!

Working in teams of 2 athletes you have 25 minutes to accumulate the maximum amount of points for your team.

Point System is below:
1 Point = 5 Pull-ups
1 Point = 10 Push-ups
1 Point = 15 Squats
1 Point = 10 Push press (65#/95#)
3 Points = 2 - 6' Wall Ascents
3 Points = 4 Ring Dips
3 Points = 2 Snatches (65#/95#)
5 Points = 1- 8' Wall Ascent
5 Points = 225#/375# Deadlift
5 Points = 2 Handstand Push-ups

"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal."
-Henry Ford

Rx Results:
Aimee/Brian 260
Danny/Grans 357
JZ/Han 313
Olan/Mike F. 223
Sam B/Rob Ph. 410
Shawn/P 445
Rob P/Mike B 344
Conn/Borden 181

Scale Results:
Kara/Chrs T. 488
Deb/Brie 343
Sharon/Steph 107
Tim H./WW 110
Donkey/Flounder 268
Gina/Jessica 122
Liz/Mel 132
Mike S/Beth 119
Jen S/Miranda 199
Julie/Pooch 51
Paul/Shoeless 216


Chris P. said...

video of Mike B. doing 97# Turkish Get Up - http://vimeo.com/17508559

Cate said...

9:30 results

Team UM Moms: 488
The Wall Climbers: 343

Way to work together and capitalize on your strengths!
25 minutes is a looooong time.

Melanie said...

Aimee- are we able to scale on any of these choices? I am working on my HSPU for example but need 2 stacked ab mats to do them. Can I still do those and have it count or can we not pick that if we cannot do full ROM on things like the ring dip or HSPU?

Jason Lyons said...

Full ROM needed

Melanie said...

Jason, doesn't that limit the number of things some people can try to do to get points? Does that mean that pull-ups without bands are not allowed? How about giving 1/2 the points if you scale at least? That might leave some people with only squats and doing those for 25 minutes would SUCK!

Jason Lyons said...

point taken. interesting dilemma. i would now say only 5 point things cannot be scaled. for example, the dead cant be scaled to 95# for some even though it would be of equivalent heaviness for some. it becomes a logistically nightmare.

maybe scaling is allowed but just not for 5pt tasks.

Melanie said...

Or how about scale but with either half points or double the reps? Can you tell I was hoping to practice some HSPU's?

Aimee Lyons said...

Mel- We will have a scale standard set for everyone by tonight. As with all WOD's there will be scale and Rx. Not to worry you can surely work on your HSPU.

Anonymous said...

Another option would be to allow for teams that do everything rx, and to also allow for teams that do all or some things scaled. This would allow for an apples-to-apples comparison among the rx teams, but not among the scaled teams because there will be too much variety among individual scaling needs to track it apples-to-apples.

Anonymous said...

To my partner Sharon:
Girl I hope you know how strong you are!!! Bands arent going to stay a part of your crossfit life for long...and ur going to be pulling some serious big numbers on the dead!! Make sure u conquer that wall....so close tonight!!

P. Lentus said...

6:30 crew

WOW! Team WODs are very cool b/c it pushes people even farther than they thought. I saw some very cool things at the box tonight. Beth was hopping that wall like it was high school hurdles, Mike B. did 66 snatches (wtf?!) Miranda competed with that with about 40 of her own. Mike B. also did 4 unassisted hspu's, a first for him. Mike S. was deadlifting heavy, Borden had great snatch form, and Conn was hspu'ing away. Rob P. decided the floor wasn't enough so he went with parallette hspu's, meanwhile Julie was getting deeper and deeper on her squats and Pooch had great push up form. Shoeless was of course shoeless but still managed to climb that 8 footer. Jen S. had violent pull ups per usual and Paul was wrecking the hspu's with about 20 total.

Nice work everyone!

Chris P. said...

Shawn, sorry for doing CF math right after the WOD. I added/multiplied wrong so our score was 445.