W.O.D. 12.27.10

Sumo Deadlift

Three rounds of:
10 Sumo-Deadlifts (185#/275#)
30 GHD sit-ups
(*Scale to Ab-mat or anchored sit-ups if necessary and scale up or down on the Deadlift based on level and ability)

Cash out:
Consecutive Double under reps.
Can you make it on the 100 DU board? If not how many can you string together...today is the day to get a PR!

Class Schedule for 12.27:
4:30PM & 5:30PM
(The 9:30 AM class is cancelled due to the snow)

"My dad always used to tell me that if they challenge you to an after-school fight, tell them you won't wait -- you can kick their ass right now."
- Cameron Diaz


Steph v said...


Anyone want to do this at open gym on Fri? Jason this is a challenge with your name on it

Todd said...

any 6:30 tonight? It's on the calendar...

Jason Lyons said...

@ Steph: I will need to look in my training log but I did something similar. Sam G from Inspire had me do an AMRAP in 12 minutes of some weight, I forget if it was 95 or 135 but it was hard whatever weight it was.

@Todd: If you click on the holiday schedule in the top right, you can see the schedule. There is not a 6:30 any day this week.

Jason Lyons said...

if all goes well, i will attempt bull on friday at open gym. i need to test that my back can do the ohs but it is my intent. i want to do this as a fantastic benchmark for the things i am trying to improve on.

1) running (sub 7 mile)
2) endurance (10+ min wods)
3) strength (15 BW OHS)
4) grip (pullups)

if anyone is bored for 70 minutes and wants to join me, let me know.

Aimee Lyons said...

Todd - Sorry about that...The calendar on www.crossfitkop.com is updated now, the IT girl was on vacation :)

Tim P said...

Some cool PRs tonight I saw in my class....

Dorothy....200lb sumo dl (30lb sumo dl pr)
Laura........215lb sumo dl

Kit .......161 strung DU

If there's anymore, post 'em

Danny said...

I pr'd my sumo by 55lbs!

Nikki said...

4:30 Results

Jim C 405, 7:22 @ 275
Brian R 300, 5:30 @ 210
JZ 275, 5:47 @ 185
Dorothy 200, 6:18 @ 140
Steph 275, 7:07 @ 185
Vincent 425, 5:48 @ 275
Lindsey 225, 6:58 @ 145
Jerry 355, 9:12 @ 275
Miranda 285, 7:16 @ 185
Jeff Hi 255, 5:42 @ 185
Laura P 215, 6:58 @ 155 (GHD)
Tim P 355, 7:28 @ 275 (Rx)
Olan 365, 9:24 @ 275
Tori 123, 6:58 @ 93
Jay E 445, 5:24 @ 275
Kit 385, 5:04 @ 275 (1/2 GHD)

5:30 Results
Conn 355, 4:44 @ 225
Sandy 173, 6:18 @ 123
Rob P 275, 5:54 @ 225
Borden 355, 5:14 @ 245
Kim G 190, 6:25 @ 125
Melinda 275, 5:25 @ 185
Danny 440, 4:02 @ 275
Kristin SB, 185, 4:59 @ 125
Sharon 265, 8:26 @ 185
Kathleen 175, 6:22 @ 125
Grans 215, 3:32 @ 145

Great job today everyone! Special shout outs to everyone who got PRs - I'm sure there were more than were noted on the board, but I know it includes Vincent, Dorothy, Sandy, Danny, Kathleen, and Sharon.

Great job Tim on the Rx for the 2nd part of today's workout. Let me know how those abs feel the day after tomorrow :)

And shout out to Kit for 163 consecutive DU!

Nikki said...

Oops just read Timmmy's post. Rock on Laura at 215# and Kit - I might have added an extra 2 DU? Sick either way!

Jason Lyons said...

kit, you are killing me. it took everything i had to beat you by 1 the last time! lol. i will try to beat you again when i do bull on friday.

Kit said...

Jason, the first thing i said to Tim P when I finished was...Jason's going to be so pissed at me...

Got into a groove and those new floss ropes (the ones i used to make fun of) are great for and endurance run...hows that muscle up going?

Jason Lyons said...

I hate the super speed ropes...they make me go too fast and I get winded sooner. I like my good ole fashioned 5 dollar rope. We will see, I will get to 200 eventually...hopefully before you!

MU is my goal for 2011. I bet as soon as I lose 30 pounds I have one. I have been lazy and I have not practiced one since probably June.