Jay E. Deadlifts 575# during Festivus!

W.O.D. 12.23.10

At 80% of your 1RM Clean & Jerk - complete 5 sets of 5 reps


Seasonal Sledding and Bells!
In teams of 3 for 15 minutes, one athlete pulls the sled (95# ladies/ 135# men) 200M while one athlete is swinging the KettleBell (35#/55#) and one athlete is performing Kettlebell sumo deadlift high pulls (55#/70#). Athletes rotate as the sled puller completes his/her rotation. The score for the team is total Kettlebell reps on Swings and High Pulls. If needed the team can be comprised of 4 athletes with one rest station.

Today's Schedule:
6AM,12Noon & 3:45PM CFKids
"Try to learn something about everything and everything about something"
-Thomas Henry Huxley

Joe A: 180
Todd: 115
Rachel: 65
Meghann: 73
Kim: 65
Dianne: 45
Kathleen: 55
Howard: 95x3
Tim H: 115
Jay E: 185
Denise: 55
Danny: 185
Pat: 95
Aim: 105
Steph V: 110
Tim P: 145
WW: 75
Donkey: 110
Seth: 120
Jerry: 145
Will: 215x1
Cate: 105
Jenny: form
Jessica S: 45
Jess C: 80
Shend-Ching: 98
Dorothy: 75
Kristen SB: 83
Rob P: 155
Vincent: 155
Sharon: 75
Chris B: 95
Laura: 83
Kristin T: 83

Team WOD
Todd/Rachel/Meghann: 366
Kim/Kathleen/Joe A: 267
Aim/Cate/Jenny/Laura: 454
Donkey/Jay E/Howard/Vincent: 421
Dorothy/Denise/Jessica/Jess: 379
Sharon/Sheng-Ching/Kristin/Kristen/Steph: ?
Danny/Pat/Will/Jay E: 333
WW/Jerry/Rob/Chris: 427


donkey said...

Awesome moment in crossfit KOP history. my favorite part of this was the runway walk up the bar, and the scream of joy afterwards. Jay E, way to rock that bar, dude!

Todd said...

I am sorry I missed the lift, but the best part is that he is wearing a Santa hat. Jay, you're a beast!

Chris P. said...

new blog post (recipe):